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Shanghai University of Science and Technology 2024 Undergraduate Admissions Chapter
http://www.huae.com  Source on January 5,高速资讯 2024:Shanghai University of Science and Technology

  Shanghai University of Science and Technology (SHANGHAI TECH University (referred to as the University of Science and Technology and SHANGHAI TECH) is a full -time ordinary college co -organized by the Shanghai People's Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.Establish.Since its establishment, the school has strived to build and develop into a small -scale, high -level, international research and innovative university.In February 2022, he was selected into the second round of "double first -class" construction universities.

  In 2024, the school intends to recruit 500 undergraduates from 18 provinces (cities) nationwide.In order to continue to explore the selection and recruitment model of "comprehensive evaluation, multiple selection, and selection of best admission", the school will adhere to the correct guidance, fairness, openness, scientific and effective principles, and organize the "Campus Open Day" activity.

  1. Admissions province

  The school will carry out undergraduate admissions in Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Shandong, Henan, Hunan, Chongqing, Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Shaanxi, Gansu, and undergraduate admissionsEssence

  2. Admissions scale

  In 2024, the school intends to recruit 500 undergraduates from 18 provinces (cities) nationwide.The school will determine the number of provinces (cities) enrollment in accordance with the enrollment plan and combine the registration of "Campus Open Day".

  3. Admissions major

  The school intends to be in accordance with physics, chemistry, material science and engineering, biological science, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, electronic information engineering, computer science and technology, mathematics and application mathematics, management science, industrial design, foreign language and foreign historyA total of 12 undergraduate majors recruit students.Among them, mathematics and applied mathematics, management science, industrial design, foreign language and foreign historical majors are only recruited in some provinces (cities).The school meets the first professional volunteer of the admission candidates during the admission stage of the college entrance examination.

  Fourth, registration object

  The foundation of science and engineering is solid. It is excellent in comprehensive quality in scientific innovation, critical thinking, humanistic literacy, communication and cooperation, and social responsibility.Physics and chemistry must be selected).

  5. "Campus Open Day" registration requirements

  1. Report online

  From now until May 6, 2024, log in to the registration system https://apply.shanghaitech.edu.cn/, and fill in the "Campus Open Day" application materials online.

  2. Registration materials

  (1) Self -reporting letter 1: Applicants can explain from their own disciplines, professional directions, future planning, and reasons for application for examinations, and independently complete a self -reported letter (within 800 words).

  (2) Self -introduction video: The applicant combines the content of the self -reporting letter to select the instance to introduce itself. Within 3 minutes, the video upload requires a details of the registration system.

  (3) Recommended letter 1: The head teacher of the applicant or the teacher, the teacher of the extra -curricular activity, etc. describe the characteristics and reasons for the students (within 800 words).

  (4) The applicant's high school scores (the transcript must indicate that each door is full of scores, signed by the school certification person and stamped with the official seal of the Academic Affairs Department), and the academic level test results.

  (5) Other related materials that reflect the characteristics of the applicant's own characteristics (the applicant's realistic records of outstanding performance in terms of discipline special, ideological morality, physical and mental health, humanistic literacy, social practice, etc.To.


  (1) All materials submitted by the applicant must ensure that the content is true, complete, and accurate. If there is a false content in the application materials or concealing important information, it will be handled in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education and the Shanghai University of Science and Technology.

  (2) All application materials are submitted through an online registration system by electronic version.The original needs to be properly kept to prepare for inspection.

  6. "Campus Open Day" activity process

  1. Material review

  After reviewing the application materials submitted by all candidates, the school decided to participate in the list of candidates who participated in the "Campus Open Day" of Shanghai University of Science and Technology.The list will be provided in the registration system at the end of May.

  2. Comprehensive interview

  "Campus Open Day" will comprehensively examine the comprehensive quality of candidates through a diverse activity based on comprehensive interviews.

  3. Time and place

  The school intends to hold the "Campus Open Day" in multiple issues from June 10 to 20, 2024.The final schedule is subject to the announcement in the registration system.

  4. Comprehensive evaluation

  The school admissions committee will comprehensively evaluate the overall performance of the candidates' application materials and the overall performance of the "Campus Open Day", and the outstanding students will get the "Campus Open Day" results.

  The "Campus Open Day" score is shown in the following:

  A gear: 20 points; B gear: 15 points; C gear: 10 points.

  5. Public announcement

  The school submits information on the list of candidates and their "campus open day" results, admission policies, and admission results to the province (city) recruitment office (examination institute) for record, and publicize in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Education.Accept social supervision.

  7. Volunteer filling in

  Candidates who participated in the school's "Campus Open Day" and obtained the "Campus Open Day" results must fill in our school"Day" performance is invalid.Candidates who have not obtained the "Campus Open Day" (Candidates who have not signed up for the "Campus Open Day") can also fill in our school (Except for provinces (cities) with special regulations).

  8. Choose the best admission

  All candidates who apply for the Shanghai University of Science and Technology in the National Unified Examination in ordinary colleges and universities shall reach the first batch of minimum control score lines (mergers and regulations, including the relevant policies regulations of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial (Municipality), where the province (cities) are located).Undergraduate admission batch province's corresponding score line separately).The requirements of the provincial (city) of the provincial (city) of the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination are subject to the documents published by the provincial (city) education examination institute.

  After the school added the results of the "Campus Open Day" to the college entrance examination results, candidates who applied for our school but did not obtain the "Campus Open Day" scores were sorted together to choose the best admission.Candidates with the same scores, their admission rules are subject to the "Articles of Admissions in Shanghai University of Science and Technology in 2024" announced by our university.

  Nine, contact information

  Mailing address: Undergraduate Admissions Office of Administrative Center, 393, Huaxia Middle Road, Shanghai

  Postcode: 201210

  Tel: 4009209393

  Fax: 021-20685226

  Consultation mailbox: admin@shanghaitech.edu.cn

  Undergraduate Admissions Network: https://admission.shanghaitech.edu.cn

  School homepage: https://www.shanghaitech.edu.cn

  10. Supervision mechanism

  The school's disciplinary inspection and supervision office will supervise the enrollment work, while being supervised by candidates, parents and all sectors of society.

  Contact address: Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Office, Administrative Center 393, Huaxia Middle Road, Shanghai

  Postal code: 201210

  Email: skdjw@shanghaitech.edu.cn

  11. Explanation

  The relevant policies and notifications of undergraduate enrollment in Shanghai University of Science and Technology in 2024 are based on the information published by the undergraduate admissions network of the school. Candidates are requested to log in to the website in time to inquire the relevant information.

  Twelve, this briefing is explained by the Undergraduate Admissions Office of Shanghai University of Science and Technology
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