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[转帖] Party Yifei, Li Xuanhao advanced to the World Go Open Finals

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      Xinhua News Agency,独家资讯 Hefei, January 2nd China Go Association of the Chinese Go Association, the fifth "Dream Lily Cup" World Go Open semi -final semi -finals in the second round of the second round in Luzhou City, Anhui Province, Dang Yifei and Li Xuanhao 2: 0 defeat Liao Yuanhe and Liu Yuhang, respectively, and advance to the finals that will be held in May.

      The "Dream Lily Cup" is one of the world's highest level of Go events, with crowns and runner -up bonuses of 1.8 million and 600,000 yuan, respectively.The Sixteenth Wars of this competition was held in Zhengzhou, Henan in August 2023.The Chinese players won all of the three Chinese and South Korean duels, won the semi -finals, and put the championship into the pocket in advance.

      The Eighth Founder and the semi -finals moved to Luzhou, Anhui.In the semi -finals, Dang Yifei and Liao Yuanhe were national teammates and teammates of the Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank of the Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank. They knew each other very well.In the first round, Dang Yifei won the black victory.The second round Liao Yuanhe held the black first, and the two sides started a fierce battle in the upper right corner. After Liao Yuanhe obtained his advantage, he sought to stabilize. In the mid -stage stage, he frequently slowed down. White gradually reversed the situation and eventually won.

      "We have been a teammate for many years, but this semi -finals have been drawn together. This game of chess is too conservative and not played. I hope Xiao Liao will break through soon."

      Another semi -final was played by Li Xuanhao against "Dark Horse" Liu Yuhang.Li Xuanhao, who had a difficult reversal in the first round, settled in the second round of the starting stage, and won the lead at the preface stage. Liu Yuhang was unwilling to show weakness, and the two sides started a fierce battle in the middle abdomen.In the end, Li Xuanhao's calculation was accurate, the dragon slaughtered successfully, and the mid -market won the final.

      According to the schedule, the final will be held in the form of five chess in May.

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