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[转帖] The lowest temperature in the region drops to minus 24 degrees!"Warm Winter" why so cold to see what the experts say

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     Weather situation

    Affected by the spread of weak and cold air south,速递资讯 it is expected that the lowest temperature in the region will fall to -24 to -14 ° C on the 21st; from the night of the 22nd to the day of the 23rd, Zhongwei City, Shapo Toutou District, Southern Zhongning County, Haiyuan County, Wuzhong City Tongxin CountyThere are micro -snow (0.1 ~ 0.5 mm) in the west; during the day and 23rd day, the day of the day, Helan Mountain along the mountain, Shizuishan City Dawukou District, Hui Nong District, Lingwu City, Yinchuan City, Wuzhong, Zhongwei and Guyuan CityGrade northern wind, gusts 6-8 levels.

    Weather forecast in the next 24 hours


    The cloudy is cloudy, the east wind is 2 levels, and the temperature is -19 to -11 degrees.


    The clouds are cloudy, the southwind is 2 levels, and the temperature is -25 to -12 degrees.

    Wu Zhong:The sunny is cloudy, the northwind is 2 levels, and the temperature is -20 to -8 degrees.

    Zhongwei:The cloudy is cloudy, the northeast wind is 2, the temperature is -19 to -7 degrees.

    Guyuan:The sunny is cloudy, the west to the east wind is 2, and the temperature is -17 to -7 degrees.

    Ning Dong:The cloudy is cloudy, the north wind is 2 levels, and the temperature is -23 to -10 degrees.

    Although the overall temperature this winter has increased slightly compared with previous years, there are many reasons for cold weather, such as cold air activity, rain and snow weather and other factors, which may cause temperature to temporarily decline.

    In addition, in the context of global warming, the frequency and intensity of extreme weather incidents may increase. Therefore, exercise needs to be strengthened to improve their physical fitness and resist bad weather.

    There may be the following reasons that cause colder this winter than previous years:

    ● Global climate change: People activity has led to an increase in greenhouse gas emissions, and the climate system of the earth is changing, resulting in increased temperature and increasing extreme weather events.Although global temperatures are rising as a whole, some areas may appear colder weather because climate change will affect the atmospheric circulation and precipitation distribution.

    ● Geographical location and terrain: Geographical location and terrain will affect the temperature in local areas.For example, areas near the Arctic or high altitude are usually colder than other regions.

    ● Ocean impact: the ocean has the effect of regulating temperature.For example, marine climate is usually gentle than continental climate, because the ocean can slow down temperature changes.

    ● Cold air activity in winter: When cold air moves from high latitudes to low latitudes, it will appear colder weather.At the same time, if cold air and warm and humid air flow may also form weather phenomenon such as snowfall.

    The impact of adapting to climate change is a global challenge. The following are some suggestions:

    1. Improve environmental protection awareness: By promoting education, science popularization activities, etc., we will increase the public's awareness and understanding of climate change, and enhance environmental protection awareness.

    2. Adjusting agricultural production methods: adopt new types of agricultural technology, such as precise irrigation, intelligent agriculture, etc., to improve agricultural production efficiency and reduce waste of water resources.

    3. Strengthen urban planning: fully consider the impact of climate change in urban planning, build green cities, sponge cities, etc., and improve the adaptability of cities.

    4. Promote clean energy: reduce dependence on fossil fuels, promote clean energy, such as solar energy, wind energy, etc., reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases.

    5. Strengthen international cooperation: Climate change is a global issue that requires joint efforts of the international community.Strengthen international cooperation and jointly respond to the challenges brought by climate change.

    Listen to what the experts say

    The National Climate Center stated that when it comes to the warmer of a certain year or a certain month, it is not determined by a single weather incident, but by comparing the average temperature of the whole period to determine whether it is significantly higher or lower than that of history.For example, from November 3rd to 7th this fall, a cold wave weather occurred in most parts of my country. During this period of time, the temperature of the cliffs was reduced, which was much lower than that of history. Since 1961, it is the highest, so it is "the warmest autumn".

    Why is the cold air in autumn and winter so strong under the background of global warming?

    According to analysis, because there is a huge temperature difference between the equator and the polar ground, this difference promotes a strong circle of western wind around the periphery of the polar circle, surrounded by the polar ground, which is called the rapids of the west wind.The west wind is like a "fence", restricting the cold air on the polar.As shown in the figure, the stable pole vortex is limited by the strong western wind rapids. In the context of global warming, the temperature increase in the Arctic region is 2-3 times the world.The temperature increases in the Arctic region. The temperature difference between the low and low latitudes is weakened. It is difficult to maintain a powerful western wind rapid flow.The cold air from the Arctic is far lower than the low and medium latitudes of our lives, which has formed a story line as shown in the figure. The many cold waves appearing many times make people feel "cold".

    According to historical data statistics, in the context of El Nino, my country's winter temperature is generally warm, but the stage cold air activity is more frequent, which means that cold and cold ups and downs are obvious.However, the intensity of the cold air process is not only affected by El Nino, but also has a lot to do with the split of the Arctic vortex and the disturbance of the mid -high latitude west.

    Since mid -December this year, the Arctic vortex spin is divided into dual centers, above Greenland and Siberia, respectively.With the severe distortion of the west wind belt over the Eurasia, Siberia's high pressure was abnormally enhanced, and most of my country turned from southwind to north wind from the beginning of the early stage, and the cold air went south, resulting in a sudden decline in temperature.

    On the other hand, the Philippine abnormal anti -cyclone inspired by El Niho will transport tropical water vapor to the mainland of my country. Therefore, the cold wave process from mid -high latitudes cooperates with the conditions of rich water vapor from low latitudes, which leads to a large -scale snowfall process in the central and eastern part of my country.In addition, the increase in the sun in the snow caused by snow also makes the later return temperature slower.

    my country is a sensitive area and a significant area of ​​climate change. Although the temperature increase is higher than the global average, the intensity of extreme cold waves has not weakened, and strong cold air or cold tide has increased.For example, from February 14th to 17th, 2020, the national cold tide process affects my country. Most of the regions have a cooling of 8-12 ° C, and the local area cools above 18 ° C. In the weather, the maximum snowy depth of 7 stations in Jilin Province exceeded 40 cm; heavy rains or heavy rain appeared in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places, and hail, wind, lightning, and frozen roads appeared in many provinces.From January 20th to 25th, 2016, strong cold air affects most of our country from north to south; the national process of cooling exceeding 6 ° C is 7.86 million square kilometers, the process of cooling in 529 counties and cities exceeds 12 ° C, 16 counties and cities exceed 18 ° C more than 18 ° C.; The continuous cooling of 23 stations exceeded the historical pole value, and the minimum temperature of 67 counties and cities broke through the historical pole value; on the 25th, the first snowfall since the founding of New China appeared in Guangzhou.

    Keep warm!

    Keeping warmth is very important, especially in cold weather.Here are some warmth suggestions:

    1. Dress enough clothes: put on enough clothes to keep your body warm.Choose clothes with good thermal performance, such as down jackets, sweaters, warm underwear, etc.

    2. Wear hats, scarves and gloves: The head, neck, and hands are parts of the most likely to lose calories in the body. Therefore, wearing a hat, scarf and gloves can help keep your body warm.

    3. Pay attention to indoor temperature: When indoors, maintaining comfortable temperature can help keep your body warm.Using heating or air conditioners can adjust the indoor temperature.

    4. Drink plenty of hot water: Drinking hot water can help keep your body warm, and at the same time you can keep your body sufficient water.

    5. Avoid exposed to cold environments: try to avoid staying in the cold environment for a long time, especially in the case of strong wind.

    In short, it is very important to keep your body warm and avoid diseases such as colds and flu.Remember to take appropriate warmth measures according to the weather conditions and personal needs.

    广 Source: Ningxia Radio and Television News Center

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