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[转帖] Adhere to the people's position and build a "four people" urban governance community

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    "People's logic" that adheres to urban work.

    During the recent inspection in Shanghai,Current affairs hot websites General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to fully practice the concept of the people's city, give full play to the significant advantages of the party's leadership and the socialist system, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of the people, build everyone's participation, everyone is responsible, everyone is responsible, people are responsibleThe urban governance community with dedication and sharing of everyone.Facing the technical trend of the world's unprecedented changes and global digital transformation, the General Secretary once again emphasized the people's main position in the city, and established the "people's logic" of urban work from multiple dimensions. This is both an existing one.The transcendence and sublimation of urban governance theory "economic priority or social priority controversy" has worked hard to get out of a new road to modernize the modernization of oversized cities with Chinese characteristics.

    People's Logic -the original point of the city's work in the new era

    General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the people's city was built and the people's city was the people.As a concentrated expression of human civilization, its value pursuit has continued to evolve with the development of human productivity, and the establishment of a new height with the establishment of the people -centered "people's logic".

    From the historical perspective, the stability and sustainable development of the city require the establishment of the people's logic.Jereyor, who was known as "the oldest city" in 1 0000 BC; to 6500 years ago, the earliest city in Hunan City, Hunan, Hunan, which has been discovered so far; after the industrial revolution, the worldManchester, the first industrialized city; and global cities such as New York, London and Shanghai, which can play an important node in the world today, the people have always constituted the most important base of the city.EssenceAt a specific historical stage, some cities devote themselves to the main force of the city due to value -oriented, which led to "urban diseases" and other problems.Through the establishment of the "people's logic", the important concept of the people's city and the motivation, initiative, and creativity of mobilizing the people to mobilize the people to make the people the active participants, the biggest beneficiaries, and the final judges of the city's development.direction.

    From the perspective of real dimensions, the complexity of urban work requires the return of the people's logic.With the development of productive forces and the rise of social forces, the diverse main force of the city has disappeared, which has spawned different value orientations such as political logic, market logic, and social logic of urban governance.EssenceIn recent years, with the continuous improvement of my country's urban population proportion and the impact of the new scientific and technological revolution, the city has occupied an increasingly important position in the future development. The logic of the logic or the logic of society cannot fully meet the needs of new competition. It is necessary to give full play to the significant advantages of party leadership and socialism, so as to coordinate the various types of cities for the government to coordinate various cities and build a combination of action; Energy and enhance the vitality of the city; to unite the main body of the city with organic society and enhance the toughness of the city.Focusing on the goal of "cities to make life better", under the strong leadership of the party, adhere to the people -centered development ideas, and always use the improvement of people's livelihood and well -being as the starting point and end point of urban construction and governance.Starting point, adhere to the value orientation of "relying on the people and for the people", and open up a new realm of urban governance.

    People first -the guidance of urban work in the new era

    General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that we must take advantage of the momentum to accelerate the construction of the digital economy, digital society, and digital governments, and promote digital optimization and upgrading in various fields.The integration of cities, science and technology and industries spawned by the new science and technology revolution, and the new topic of people and urban relations from this requires us to guide us with the "people's first" idea to promote the modernization of urban governance that people and technologies are harmonious.

    The development and improvement of new technologies have reshaped the functional positioning of the city and brought new challenges to the relationship between cities and the people.In recent years, a new technological revolution represented by digital technology, biological engineering, artificial intelligence, etc. has put forward higher requirements for talents and investment.EssenceAs a gathering place for various elements of human beings, cities, especially large cities, have natural resource advantages. The construction of large cities into science and technology innovation centers not only becomes the pursuit of the city's own goal, but also to a certain extent.Hope of nodes.However, in this process, be careful not to replace people -oriented with technical logic, and to achieve scientific and technological innovation with the work and life of the people.While giving play to the pull and overflowing effect of scientific and technological innovation on urban development, we will benefit the people's development results more to the people of the people, so as to enhance the common integration of urban strategic goals and the happiness of the people, and let the people share the results of urban development.

    In the future, the digital transformation of urban urban digitalization needs to return to the source of the technology to serve people, adhere to the guidance of "people's first", create application scenarios around the needs of the people, improve the application scenario around the suggestions of the people, and focus on the convenience of the people., Let technology serve the people more.

    People -led -the path method of urban work in the new era

    Since the 21st century, the continuous expansion of urban scale and a large number of network technology have made urban governance theories based on social networks and social capital theory, and it is urgent to establish a new urban governance community.

    The expansion of the urban scale has challenged the social network theory that the urban governance depends on.Especially for oversized cities with a population of more than 10 million, urban individuals are facing two major dilemma of "too big" and "too small"."Excessive" means that for the entire city, although citizens shared many public facilities and services, the impact of normal behavior of each individual on other citizens and their own cities is very small.Generally difficulty; "too small" refers to the circles of residents' lives, especially in the community.Blurred zones, grassroots governance is difficult.Therefore, in the practice of people's urban construction, to solve the real dilemma of "too big" or "too small", you need to adhere to the path of the "people -led" path, and the construction and improvement of the "living circle", "service circle" and "working circle"The link network between the main body of the city is constantly weaving, and the ideological consensus of the urban community can be reached by condensing the understanding of different subjects. The governance force is formed by coordinating the behavior of different subjects, and everyone's participation, everyone's responsibility, everyone's dedication, and shared by everyoneCity governance community.

    The widespread application of network technology has brought new challenges to urban life based on social capital theory.The attractiveness of the city lies in the colorful urban life and the different life experiences from this, but the large -scale application of network technology in the economy and social fields make the city's closeness impact.For example, in the daily life of citizens, traffic is an unmanned ticket self -service self -service, shopping is an online order and place the courier to place the door, the meal is scanning the order, the community is an online chat platform, and even the customer service is a machine responding.In the environment, "intimate famine" has become an important constraint that affects urban happiness."World Happiness Report" released by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network shows that today's people are more unhappy and psychologically unhealthy compared to the 1980s and 1990s;Steady decline, the happiness index of young people has also declined sharply since 2012. The most important reason is that the increase in scientific and technological usage has made the face -to -face social and fewer and lack of closeness.The "intimate famine" reveals us that the future urban governance needs to adhere to the path of "people's dominance" rather than "technical drive", to make a good balance between online connection and offline participation.Practice, enhance the closeness and happiness of the urban governance community, and make urban life better.

    (The author is the director of the Public Management Research Office of the Institute of Politics and Public Management of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences)

    Source: Shangguan News Thought, 2024-01-02

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