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[转帖] On the issue of climate, the United States has made huge sums of money to make money. What is it for?

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    I believe everyone feels that the world has entered a state of hard work.TheHot news website United States Biden Government has always had an economic recovery plan.The plan, which was previously known as an infrastructure plan, was actually called the American Jobs Plan.

    Keywords include creating employment, updating infrastructure, rebuilding manufacturing, and protecting vulnerable groups.The full text exceeds 10,000 words, the climate is mentioned in 20 places, and China is mentioned in five places.In the opinion of the Biden government, two major challenges need to be resolved this century: climate crisis and China.

    John Kerry, a special envoy of the US Presidential Climate, said, saying thatThe pursuit of further research and development on climate change is not to fight against China.He also said that no country can solve the climate crisis alone.

    "I think this is a huge economic opportunity," Kerry said. "This is not about China, it is not to fight against China. This is related to China, the United States, India, Russia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Australia.Quite a lot of countries, of which the United States and China have the most discharge.

    Let's take a look at the content related to climate change in this plan:

    Improve public transportation facilities and maintain [165 billion US dollars] to reduce congestion, thereby reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.Transportation Electricity [$ 174 billion for subsidies, tax cuts, donations, etc.]

    • 500,000 charging stations (before 2030)

    • Replace 50,000 diesel cars

    • 20%school bus electricization

    • Electrifying the post system vehicle

    • Establish a fund to support innovation

    Energy system

    • Improving infrastructure emergency capacity to deal with extreme weather [$ 50 billion] (Climate adaptation)

    • Upgrade the power system to contribute to the target of zero carbon power grid in 2035

    • Cover, landfill, clean up waste oil and gas wells and mines [16 billion US dollars] to reduce methane leakage

    Resource -based area support and revitalization, fair energy transformation

    • Fix the brownland and boost the economic vitality [$ 5 billion]

    • For the existing government plans that re -economic and employment for the economy of resource -based areas, inject funds into funds

    • Construction of 15 hydrogen energy demonstration projects and 10 CCS projects in areas affected by transformation

    • Create more ecological protection and climate -related employment opportunities

    R & D investment

    • Will set up a new climatic national laboratory

    • 50 billion US dollars capital capital capital capital National Science Fund

    • US $ 35 billion supports the research and development of climate and clean energy, maintaining the status of American climate science, innovation and R & D leadership (focusing on energy storage, CCS, hydrogen energy, new generation nuclear energy, rare earth mining, floating sea wind energy, biomass energy, beam computing, electric transportation, electric transportationTechnology research and development and market development)

    • $ 46 billion in government procurement projects, supporting clean energy innovation enterprises (electric vehicles, charging, building heat pumps, etc.)

    As we all know, the Trump administration's attitude towards climate change is not listening, unbelievable, or no, and resolutely withdrawn from the Paris Agreement.The move made the United States very "alternative" on the international stage, and therefore was widely criticized by the international community, including allies.The US "retreat" shows an irresponsible attitude and is a major blow to its international image and credibility.

    Biden's climatic policy is called the most ambitious plan in the United States.

    The first is to carry out "Climate diplomacy "EssenceThe administrative order proposes that the United States will use multilateral mechanisms such as the United Nations, the Seventh -way Group, and the 20th National Group to "play a leading role and promote the greatly improving global climate goals to cope with climate challenges."A basic element of policy and national security. "

    Followed by the establishment"national team", To ensure the efficiency of decision -making in organizational structure, including the establishment of the CLIMATE POLICYOFFICE to coordinate the decision -making process of climate policy.To this end, a "National Clication Task Force", which is composed of government agencies such as the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Defense, was chaired by the National Climate Consultant.

    The administrative order also includes a series of policy goals, including the realization of carbon pollution of the power department in 2035 at the latest, zero discharge of government vehicles at all levels such as the federal, state, and other levels.Subsidies and so on.Its overall goal is to accelerate the growth of renewable energy and reduce dependence on oil and natural gas.

    Biden responded to climate change as the key priority of its government. If a package of large -scale infrastructure construction of more than 2 trillion US dollars is passed, it will be the biggest effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the historic level of the US federal government.one.The plan will make the United States invest 35 billion U.S. dollars in the field of cleaning technology and spend $ 174 billion to comprehensively reform the country's electric vehicle market.However, CNBC mentioned that this is still dwarfed compared with China's investment in clean energy research and development in recent years.

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