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[转帖] Guoji Road Street, Jinshui District: Strictly control the disposal of construction waste to prevent dust pollution

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    Central Plains News (Reporter Liu Menglin Correspondent Li Zhenyu)In order to further improve the standardized management level of construction garbage and prevent dust pollution,moment information website recently, the Guoji Road Law Enforcement Squadron, the Guiji Road Law Enforcement Squadron of the Jinshui District City Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau, gives full play to the role of the pioneering model of grass -roots party branches.Special governance operation.

    During the operation, law enforcement officers launched key publicity for new delivery communities and merchants along the street.Units or individuals who are required to generate construction waste must clean up the generated construction waste in time and place them at the designated temporary dumping point; shops along the street should be set up at the construction site when renovating, and the construction waste generated in time should be cleared in time on the same day;Vehicles transporting construction waste must be closed and covered in accordance with regulations, and they must not be scheduled.For units and individuals who fail to dispose of construction waste in accordance with relevant requirements, law enforcement officers have issued law enforcement documents in accordance with the law and require them to rectify as required.

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