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[转帖] Internet celebrity snacks are not pretended to be "high education"

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      Today,Current affairs hot websites many e -commerce platforms' "Internet Red Snacks" are sold under labels such as "R & D of Agricultural Sciences" and "joint development of a certain institute".Many consumers buy.However, recently, the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission found that some snack manufacturers did not cooperate with universities and involved false publicity, and it was difficult to guarantee food safety and quality.


      The "high education" of net red snacks actually seized the psychology of consumers.With the improvement of living standards, people's consumption concepts are increasingly concerned about factors such as health and health.Coupled with the authority of well -known agricultural colleges and scientific research institutions in related fields, Internet celebrity snacks use "high education" to make high -quality and healthier labels, cater to consumers' demand for healthy foods, and obtain higher sales.However, "high education" also means high cost. Therefore, some merchants have nothing to do with false publicity and the name of "high education".


      The practice of pretending to be "highly educated" in net red snacks not only violates the principle of integrity management, but also violates relevant laws and regulations and disrupted market order. This upside -down behavior is in the long run, which is harmful to the development of merchants and industry.EssenceFirst, the merchant's reputation is damaged in false propaganda.Once the scam is dismantled, or the product does not have the effect of its publicity, the merchant's word of mouth will be "reflected".At the same time, such behaviors have also damaged the authority of colleges and scientific research institutions, so that the "highly educated" products that really pay for their efforts to develop their efforts follow the back pot.


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