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[转帖] In the new stage, the main battlefield of writing articles should be condensed on the public account. The platform that people's daily news and CCTV news are highly recognized. This is the point of vi

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    People's Daily and CCTV News,Express information website such a large -scale national team media has a public account, indicating that the platform of the public account is a highly recognized platform.

    The main battlefield of writing an article should be condensed in the public account. The public account has a group post function once a day. At one time, 8 articles can be published in groups. In addition, you can publish articles every day.The main function, the function of appreciation, the practical effect is equivalent.

    The public account writes an article. This time, I insist on writing vertical subdivision.Why is the authentic question sentence of writing postgraduate English classification vocabulary?In the three years of closed, I divided the postgraduate English vocabulary into education, laws, science and technology, media, etc. at that time. Each word was equipped with a true example of the authenticity of postgraduate English.This is a very solid result of labor. If you want to share it, it is helpful for the postgraduate students.

    Write an article on English vocabulary, is it a niche, small traffic, less reading, no income?Of course, benefits are aspects. The process of writing this series of articles has improved its English level. It can be used to coach the children at home., Better, reflect the ability to make money.

    In the process of writing the public account graphic, although I recently made a little attempt to explore in the core of English, I wrote about the landscape or diet of some cities in English.What do you say in English? Although it is a little income, it is not generous. It is not long and long, and the series of open series are not enough. The research is not thorough.

    In the process of self -media creation, I have explored writing, making videos, and live broadcasts. This is not the same way. Instead of energy, lack of time, waste of energy and time.In fact, writing articles is the most troubled.

    In the process of graphic creation, a very important foundation is that it must be completely and completely created. It does not need rigorous or beautiful text, just express it clearly.

    From now on, I only write about the true examples of the English classification vocabulary of the postgraduate entrance examination series. The main battlefield is the public account. The paid subscription is paid.It is a new series to complete a series.

    A series, a platform, is very concise.

    Use original and natural language to achieve abundant traffic, sufficient reading, and achieve stable and continuous psychological expected income.

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