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[转帖] "Nothing injured!" Before the earthquake, they did the same thing

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    At 23:59 on December 18,一手资讯 a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occurred in Jishishan County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu, with a depth of 10 kilometers in the earthquake.At present, the Gansu Province earthquake rescue work has basically ended, and Qinghai Province is still searching and rescue people.

    Dahe House of Jishi Mountain County is located in Dahejia Town, which was severely affected. At noon on December 19th, the principal of the school told reporters that more than 2,100 students in the school, and more than 190 teachers were safe, no casualties, students and teachers and teachersThey have already returned home, and members of the school leadership team are on duty.

    In addition, Qingshui Township Junior Middle School and Jishishan County Immigration Middle School also effectively organized teachers and students to evacuate when the earthquake occurred, and there were no casualties.

    It is understood that these schools regularly hold emergency drills to conduct normalized and systematic training on students' emergency escape capabilities to help students and teachers evacuate as soon as possible after the earthquake.

    Two hours before shock

    They are carrying out earthquake emergency drills

    After all 3 minutes of evacuation, none of the 270 students in the school were casualties ... After the 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Jishi Mountain occurred, the junior high school in Qingshui Township, Xunhua Autonomous County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province had emergency evacuation students to avoid greater disasters.And at 10 pm on December 18 -two hours before the earthquake, Qingshui Township Junior High School organized all students at school to carry out earthquake emergency drills.

    This is the corner of the Junior Middle School (drone) taken by the Xunhua Autonomous County of the Sarah Autonomous County on December 20.Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Long, Zhang Long

    Qingshui Township Junior High School is a semi -boarding school, with 469 students, of which 280 are living students.

    At noon on the 20th, the reporter came to Qingshui Township Junior High School and saw that the teaching building and dormitory building were obviously damaged.Some dormitory walls and ceiling fall off, and cracks ranging from 3 to 5 cm on the wall.

    "Our school will regularly hold earthquake emergency drills to conduct normalized and systematic training of students' emergency escape ability to prevent children from being at a loss after the earthquake comes."After 2 hours of exercise, the earthquake really came!All students evacuated themselves in an orderly manner within 3 minutes without stepping on or crowded.

    On December 20, Han Changqing, the principal of Qingshui Township, Salat Autonomous County, was investigating the damaged school building.(Photo Conferring in Qingshui Township Junior High School)

    "All classmates are not panic, everything is orderly, this is the effectiveness of the usual earthquake emergency drill." Said the school.

    On the evening of December 18, the Junior Middle School of Qingshui Township of the Sarah Autonomous County conducted emergency drills at night.(Photo Conferring in Qingshui Township Junior High School)

    The reporter learned that 3,9324 students in 81 boarding schools in Haidong City, Qinghai Province, were evacuated as soon as possible after the earthquake, and no case of injury in school students was injured.

    Many house doors cannot be opened

    The teacher ran into the dormitory and evacuated one by one

    After a few minutes, more than 1600 students and 160 teachers were injured.

    In retrospect, Ma Chaozhen, the principal of the Dahejia Middle School, still had a lot of heart. "When the earthquake occurred, he thought about the safety of students.

    The exterior wall of Dahejia Middle School has wall skin falling off

    "Usually, our school has a lot of practicing fire shock and shock -proof. In the case of relatively critical conditions, our teachers have evacuated urgently and removed the students safely." President Ma introduced that after the school evacuated the students from upstairs, the school first was evacuated from upstairs.After the open space below the school, after the counting, send some girls to the teacher's vehicle to warm up, and the boys warm in the gymnasium."Students put the bedding in the stadium and place them in it."

    President Ma said that the school building had a certain degree of damage, and the teaching buildings, dormitory buildings and experimental buildings were damaged to varying degrees.There are some cracking situations, mainly the wall skin falls off, and then there will be experts to conduct safety testing.

    According to a teacher in the school, the school has carried out emergency drills in fire and earthquakes not long ago. Therefore, students have been more timely and orderly when they evacuate. As of now, no casualties have occurred.

    The teacher recalled that at the late night earthquake, they first heard a loud noise in school, and then found that the entire building was shaking."The teachers on the first floor ran out first, and then found that many door door could not be opened, and it was deformed. Later, several male teachers jointly opened all the doors." Affected by the earthquake, the school then power out of power, so it was impossibleThe broadcast notification can only be the students to help each other wake up each other, and the teacher runs into each dormitory to evacuate students."About 5 minutes, almost all evacuated."

    After the earthquake, Dahejia Middle School House

    After the students evacuated from the dormitory, they were concentrated in the stadium in the large playground."Some students are wearing clothes, some are wearing clothes, and some are directly wrapped out of the quilt." A teacher said that in order to warm up the students, many teachers encouraged students to sing and dance, activities, activities, activities, activities, activities, activities, activities, activities, activities, and activities.Body."After the aftershocks are small, a teacher enters the dormitory to take out quilts and other items for students."

    "No one child is injured and has no stamping."

    "Hold your head and lie down!" When the earthquake came, the teacher on duty balhed loudly."Classmates, go back to the roots of the wall when evacuating." Students who boarded at school at school in Jishi Mountain County, in accordance with the requirements of weekday training, after the earthquake weakened, they quickly and skilled in the dormitory building.

    The picture shows the Ji Shishan County Immigration Middle School before the earthquake.(Photo confession in the respondent)

    Teachers and students who rushed at the forefront opened the door of the dormitory.The sense of earthquake weakened, and the students quickly ran out of the dormitory building and rushed to the playground.

    On the night of the earthquake, Wang Junguo, the president of the Immigration Middle School of Jishishan County, happened to end the rotation value.When the earthquake came, he opened a phone call for the school's duty as soon as possible and notified immediately organized students to evacuate to an empty playground.He also drove back to school immediately.

    8 minutes later, Wang Junguo arrived at the school playground and was moved by the scene in front of him."Our students, all 1956 residential students are already on the school playground!"

    Xu Guang, a teacher on duty, ran over with him, and said, "None of the children were injured and did not step on. The teachers and students were safe."

    At the Miyoshi Middle School in Jishiyama County, the teachers and students were waiting for the parents to come together.(Photo confession in the respondent)

    After this earthquake, the students told Teacher Xu emotionally that this time they finally felt the importance of emergency drills. They usually did not practice!

    Jishishan County Immigration Middle School is a junior high school in Jishi Mountain County, Linxia Prefecture, Gansu.According to the principal Wang Junguo, during the earthquake, the teacher and students responded in a timely and rapid response, thanks to the usual safety education, and regularly carried out emergency safety drills such as earthquakes and fire protection.

    At the same time, the school specializes in the staff of emergency, fire protection, traffic police and other departments to teach students relevant professional knowledge."Only when you usually train as well as actual combat, you can do a good job of self -protection when the danger occurs." Wang Junguo said.

    The school teacher turned on the high beam to illuminate the way for parents to pick up their children home.(Photo confession in the respondent)

    At 8 am on the 19th, all children have returned home safely.

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    Original title: "Nothing injured!" Before the earthquake, they did the same thing "before the earthquake.

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