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[转帖] Foreign media view: The status quo of PC game handheld shows the bright future

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    The突发新闻 PC handheld showed amazing vitality in 2023. Following the launch of SteamDeck in 2022, VLAVE appeared in 2023.Foreign media GameSpot published an article saying that the status quo of PC game handheld shows a bright future.

    The following is the original text:

    Last year, Valve completely changed the PC game by launching Steam Deck.Although this portable PC platform is not the first time that this type of machine is trying, with the experience of Valve's engineer and close integration with Steam, it quickly becomes a strong and reliable game device.The timing is not better, because Nintendo Switch only launched the OLED upgraded version in the previous year, and the new machinery upgraded version of the rumor needs to wait.As a result, Steam Deck meets people's desire for higher -demand portable games, so that we think it is a turning point in the entire market.However, the reaction speed of competitors is still surprising. In 2023, the PC game handheld is full of attractive futures. Each device is trying in a striking way.

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    As AMD and NVIDIA's continuously launching hardware is becoming more and more expensive, the market share of PC games has been declining for many years, which is not surprising.Steam Deck may not completely solve this problem, but since its launch, the positive emotions of PC games have increased significantly, so that most of the newly released games now include some specific settings for Steam Deck, and there are also Valve's own certification proceduresverified.But the easiest way to observe its impact on the industry is to see how fast the reaction of competitors is.ASUS and Lenovo both launched their own Steam Deck competition in 2023. Not only are they competing in terms of performance, but also amazing that the price is also fiercely competitive.Consider factors.There are many other manufacturers participating in the competition, especially Ayaneo and its various equipment.However, its price is enough to make it basically excluded when compared with these three core devices.In any case, this shows that the manufacturers are willing to risk trying to try new equipment, and the market is clearly eager for more choices.

    Asus Rog Ally is the first and undoubtedly the most powerful competitor of Steam Deck. There are two versions to choose from, namely ROG Ally Z1 Extreme and Standard Rog Ally Z1.Compared with Valve's first attempt, ROG ALLY has improved in many aspects, and the price is a little cheaper. This makes consumers hesitate to consider which device to buy.Provides options.The variable refresh rate of ROG ALLY 1080P display is an attractive highlight. When playing games such as "Pacific 2077" and "Dives Diff", the image is clearer and more sensitive to response.Performance has also been improved, especially the Z1 Extreme version with more powerful performance, but higher power consumption is used to obtain higher frame rates to greatly reduce battery life.ASUS's rapidly launching eye -catching competition is amazing, but it has some quality assurance problems, which indicates that its listing may be a bit hasty.In addition to a series of software integration problems, these problems are still solved so far. ROG Ally also has hardware problems. The memory card slot may cause the Microsd card to drop during the game, which is very annoying to the affected customers.Such a problem may kill the interest in this device, but its good reputation depicts different pictures.

    Lenovo LEGION Go is the youngest of these three devices, but has many similarities with Asus Rog Ally.Their high -end SKUs use the same AMD Ryzen Extreme Z1 processor, with a starting price of $ 699, and at the same time run the Windows operating system.The battery capacity of Legion Go is more than 20%more than the other two devices, but it is also the heaviest of the three devices.It also has a larger display, 1600P resolution and 8.8 -inch panel. Compared with its supporting hardware, this configuration may be a bit overcurrent.The difference between legging GO and Steam Deck and Rog Ally is that it can be disassembled on the left and right sides, and borrowed the design of Nintendo Switch.Nintendo Switch and its various games have become one of the selling points of the game console, and Lenovo seems to hope that this feature is enough to become an important factor in buying decision -making, especially compared with ROG Ally.However, this shows the experimental level that has not been seen in the PC field for a long time. Different manufacturers use similar components in a very different way to expect to attract this new market for the best portable PC game experience.

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    Although Lenovo believes that the competition has won in hardware, Valve bets itself in software.Both ROG ALLY and LEGION Go run the Windows operating system, which has many benefits.All standard game starters can run seamlessly. You can access Xbox Game Pass (Steam DEck cannot be used without installation of Windows) and can get a standard Windows experience when connecting to the display.However, it is undeniable that Microsoft has not invested too much effort to make Windows seamlessly running on these devices. Even if it contains the touch screen, it cannot completely reduce the burden on the controller's hardware elements.Even if ASUS and Lenovo's custom software layer has done a lot of work behind the scenes, setting and navigation on these devices are more troublesome.Although it is not impossible, this is not difficult for those who are accustomed to many PC games related to PC games, but if you want to buy one of the devices and expect to get a similar experience with the game console, you may feel that you will feeldisappointment.

    This is exactly the advantages of Valve and Steam Deck.Valve strives to integrate customized Steamos into the existing Linux distribution, so that the company carefully create a user experience.Initially, this showed a hint of hope, but lacked follow -up support.Many games cannot be loaded through Valve's software compilation layer.In the past year, the situation has been greatly improved. Now we are more concerned about which games can be run, not those games that are still unable to run (for some online games, it may never be able to run).More importantly, Valve did not slow down the pace of update, and released many updates to improve Steamos and Steam Deck firmware, which greatly improved stability and even added new features to users.

    In fact, Valve has recently released an unexpected Steam Deck version update, and has launched new products with an OLED display.While maintaining similar prices, Valve further reduces the prices of these models.Valve also used this opportunity to re-configure some internal components, improve the battery life, and upgrade the internal Wi-Fi chip to improve compatibility with new routers.It has not changed much in terms of performance, which may be disappointed, especially after the challenges of ROG Ally and LEGION GO, but the advantages of availability and integration with Steam still make Steam Deck a powerful competitor.

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    However, in the next few years, other manufacturers will also have a chance.Valve reiterated its commitment to the format of Steam Deck and its promotion, and said that a suitable successor would take several years to make the processing capacity behind Deck develop meaningfully.This does not mean that AMD and other companies will stop innovation on their mobile chips, which will trigger competition from ASUS, Lenovo and other companies that decide to participate. It may be able to surpass Valve and launch a more powerful device in order to be in order to be in order to be in order to be in order to be in order to be more powerful in order to be in order to be in order to be more powerful.Valve makes an important part of the market that responds to the market.This does not include Nintendo Switch successors. The company is expected to choose NVIDIA as the processor of its next host. It is speculated that the host will be launched in 2024.Although the current Switch appears behind these more powerful portable PC devices, its exclusive game library and lower prices have maintained their competitiveness, and when it can finally confront the competitors in terms of visual effects,This competitiveness will only further improve.

    Whether you are loyal to Nintendo's game library or indulge in your huge PC game collection (or fortunately enjoy the two at the same time), it is difficult to imagine that the demand for these portable game experiences will soon disappear.Fortunately, many manufacturers are willing to meet this demand, which will lead to an exciting hardware competition, not only providing some amazing experimental ideas, and fascinating game equipment, but the price is very competitive. This is very competitive. This is very competitive. This is very competitive.It is a huge benefit for consumers who want to buy new equipment to enjoy the excellent new game experience.Let's enjoy it in the process.

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