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[转帖] China's lithium battery industry chain "big" goes out of sea ② two -way go to build a global new energy value chain

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    ▲ Screenshot of CCTV Report

    As one of the "new three" foreign trade,breaking news website going to sea is a well -deserved annual keyword in the lithium battery industry in China in 2023.As the new energy vehicle industry has shifted from "less electricity, power shortage, and precious power" in the past to overcapacity, "rolling out of the country" has become a new export of Chinese lithium battery companies.Wang Zhikun, vice president of Hive Energy, said in an interview with Red Star News: "Journey to the West to Europe, south to Southeast Asia, looking at the Pacific Ocean to pay close attention to the US market. At the same time, we have to try the Middle East market."

    At the same time, when the Chinese lithium battery industry is collectively gone to sea, countries around the world have also “their own tricks” to attract Chinese companies to land in their own country.

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    Diversity of destinations to the sea

    Global Factory and Establishing R & D Center

    From the current point of view, the choice of China's new energy industry's overall destination is mainly driven by the two major factors of resources and market orders.

    One is Africa, South America, as well as countries and regions related to lithium battery resources related to lithium battery in Australia and Indonesia.At the "Eighth Power Battery Application International Summit" held on November 28, Hou Min, Vice President of Ruipu Lanjun, revealed that the company will launch the Indonesian factory construction in December this year.Polar, battery, module and system products.This is also the company's first overseas factory.

    The reason for choosing factories in Indonesia is directly related to the company's controlling shareholder and known as the "Nickel King".Hou Min said that in the past 10 years, Aoyama Group has established a complete stainless steel industry chain above the “Belt and Road”, which has also become the world's largest stainless steel and nickel mineral manufacturer.Now, Ruipu Lanjun will also build a new energy global value chain again along the "Belt and Road" route.

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    Hou Min said that relying on the foundation of Qingshan Group, Ruipu Lanjun will establish a green industrial park from minerals to materials in Argentina, Chile, Indonesia and Mozambique.Go to the industrial chain of materials, batteries, and system globalization. "

    The other category is the low penetration rate of new energy vehicles represented by Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia, and a market with a large government support.Wang Zhikun, Vice President of Honeycomb Energy, said in an interview with Red Star News that as one of the earliest companies to go to sea, honeycomb energy went to the sea as the premise of orders."We have the support of BMW orders in Germany. We go to Thailand to mainly support the support of excellent customers such as Great Wall and Join."

    On the basis of "orders", the hive formulated overseas strategic planning along two "Silk Road".The first is to travel to Europe along the "Land Silk Road" westward. At present, its company has built two bases in Germany.The second is to enter Southeast Asia along the "Maritime Silk Road" south.At the same time, we must continue to pay close attention to the Pacific market eastward.Wang Zhikun introduced: "We also have to try the Middle East market. The Middle East (country) expressed an urgent desire and wanted to develop new energy vehicles and power battery markets. However, this market has just started, and it is worth trying to look at it."

    In addition to setting up factories, China Lithium Corporation has also established R & D centers in various regions such as Frankfurt in Germany, Indian Bandar, and Seoul, South Korea.

    The two countries are "loved"

    A number of lithium battery giants landed in Thailand and Hungary

    Hungary and Thailand are undoubtedly the two popular destinations of Chinese lithium battery companies this year.Since the beginning of this year, many Chinese lithium power giants have announced their "landing" in the two countries.

    Why is Thailand?Honeycomb energy once stated that 90%of the Thai new energy vehicle market is a Chinese brand.Before China's lithium battery companies collectively entered Thailand, BYD, Changan, SAIC, and Great Wall and other Chinese car companies have first announced the establishment of factories in Thailand.The person in charge of Nezha Motors once said: "ASEAN is an important global automotive production base and consumer market, and Thailand is the weathervane of the ASEAN automotive industry. We believe that these market potential is great."

    At the summit on November 28, Zhong Baofen, director of the Investment Office of the Thai Consulate General in Shanghai, pointed out that the location advantage, the advantages of the automotive industry, and the business environment advantage are the main factor that attracts Chinese companies to land.In addition, the friendship between China and Thailand from government to the people is also very important.

    ▲ Figure Figure Dynamic Battery Application Branch Research Center

    Lucas Hubo, chief operating officer of the Economic Promotion Agency of the Swiss Federation, said in the meeting that Europe, as one of the world's largest automotive market, has a huge potential for electric vehicle growth in the next ten years.According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) previously predicted that by 2030, 3 of each of European cars in Europe are new energy vehicles, and the penetration rate of new energy vehicles will reach 60%.

    In order to grab the "blue ocean" of the beach, Chinese lithium battery companies have chosen Hungary as a window to open the European market.Hungarian Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Minister Sealado had previously said at the World Power Battery Conference that thanks to a series of investment in Chinese companies, Hungary's power battery production ranks fourth, and it will soon rise to the world.In China.

    According to reports, Hungary has always been the "back garden" of the German automobile manufacturing industry and is known as "Detroit in Europe."Data show that, of the 20 of the 20 largest automakers in the world, 14 have produced production bases in Hungary.In addition, more than half of the world's largest 100 automotive component manufacturers have factories in Hungary.In addition, for the new energy vehicle industry, the Hungarian government has issued a number of competitive support policies in recent years.

    According to reports, many battery companies headed by Ningde Times and Yimei Lithium have "settled" Hungary, and many leading companies in the upstream materials side, equipment side and downstream battery recycling end have laid out in Hungary.

    Under the background of globalization

    How to seize the opportunity to deal with challenges

    Going to the sea is not a "frank road". Behind the fiery scene of the "hegemony" overseas market, in addition to the challenges of laws and regulations, regional cultural differences, and labor costs facing enterprises in the sea, the United States "Inflation Act" and EU "EU batteries and wasteThe successive landing and implementation of the Battery Regulations (referred to as the "New Battery Law") also had a great impact on the overall industrial chain of China's lithium battery.

    Right now, the localization of China's new energy overseas industry chain has become the general trend.In the question of answering Red Star News, Wang Zhikun pointed out that China's industrial chain is facing double challenges under the background of the current globalization. It is undoubtedly "new trade barriers that are constantly appearing against the context of globalization."

    Earlier this year, the United States' "Inflation Act" was officially implemented. Among them, vehicles hoping to obtain new energy vehicle government subsidies in the US market proposed more stringent localization regulations for power batteries.

    ▲ Data Figure according to IC

    According to the Global Times, on December 1, local time, the US government issued new regulations on electric vehicle subsidies. The new regulations explained in detail how the electric vehicle is eligible to obtain a federal tax of $ 7,500 in detail.waived.New energy vehicle supply chain companies such as Chinese battery manufacturers will be excluded from the beneficiary group of tax credits for the Aflation Act.

    Prior to this, the European Union officially implemented the New Battery Law on August 17 this year.From the extraction of battery raw materials to all aspects of the supply chain, to the production and recycling of batteries, the content of this regulation is extremely strictly regarded as "new trade barriers."This has undoubtedly increased difficulty and risks to the layout of the China Lithium Electric Industry Chain.

    According to the current situation, Bo Lan, the Consul General of the Hungarian Consulate General in Shanghai, said at the "Eighth Power Battery Application International Summit" that the "Inflation Act" will soon affect different industries in the world.Starting in September this year, the entire EU has also announced a series of protective measures.

    "Of course, it will also have an impact in the next few years. We are all facing geopolitical tensions. Not only in the European Union, but everyone can see that there are many crises in other parts of the world.It is also organic. "Bo Lan said," I can't guarantee that there will be no such protectionist policy in the future, but I can guarantee that this policy is limited. In the long run, as long as companies have confidence and technology, they will be able to sufferWelcome to customers. "

    Red Star News reporter Xu Hui from Shanghai

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