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[转帖] Cool racing!Teachers and students in Wuchang Institute of Technology have achieved great results in the National College Student Smart Car Competition!

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      At noon on December 20th, a red, blue and black "racing" walked through the training ground of Wuchang Institute of Technology, accelerating, turning, obstacle avoidance, and driving unmanned ... All kinds of dazzling skills earned enough to watch the envy of the onlookers.Essence

      It is reported that this car has just "made a stunning appearance" in the outdoor race of the 18th National College Student Smart Car Competition, and the team of the participating teachers and students has relying on excellent professional knowledge and excellent professional level.One national second prize and national third prize of the driving challenge.

      It is understood that except for the core motherboard, this intelligent car is completed according to the requirements of the organizer, and the remaining configurations are assembled by the students of the School of Intelligent Manufacturing.It can not only perceive and analyze the surrounding environment under setting the route, achieve driverless driving, but also accurately avoid pedestrians or other targets that break in.

      "Since the end of September, the school has been preparing for the competition." According to the instructor Li Hao, the school's Intelligent Manufacturing College has recruited and selected automation, mechanical engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation from electrical engineering and automation, mechanical engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing, and automationNearly 30 students in other majors participated in the competition.Instructor Liu Renbing, Wang Wei, Li Hao, Zhao Xiaojuan, Yan Chunai, Zuo Xudong and other six people in the students were in intense training after the students' professional and interests."Our school participated in this event for the first time. In the face of zero experience, the participating teachers and students discharged all the timeless time for training, carried out a large number of unmanned driving transformations, and integrated multiple path planning and vehicle vehicles through integration of multiple paths and vehicles.Control algorithm, using the redundant perception of multi -sensor fusion, can allow the car to run faster and more accurate in a state of no one. At the same time, it can ensure that the vehicle can still efficiently complete the dynamic competition comprehensive coverage when the controlled abnormality occurs.Requirements for each match. "

      "Unlike ordinary cars, the highlight of smart cars is to have functions such as autonomous driving, identification routes, and screening environment." Said the contestants Feng Zhixin said that through this competitionThe overall quality has been improved, and the platform has also been exposed to many participants with different professional backgrounds with the help of the event. By communicating, we can better understand the cutting -edge technologies and industry trends of intelligent manufacturing.

      According to reports, Feng Zhixin mainly participated in the optimization and commissioning of smart cars.He recalled that there was a small failure in the car navigation part of the car during the preparation. Relying on the instructor and team members to check a large amount of information and repeatedly debugging, everyone jointly overcome the difficulties and finally solved the problem perfectly before the game."Although it is the first time to participate, the teachers and classmates have made a plan for various situations that may occur. Everyone unite and cooperate closely on the game. These are the key to finally get good results." Feng Zhixin said.

      "Adopting standard car models, there are limited room for improvement. If you want to get more ideal results, you must carry out significant transformation." Instructor Zhao Xiaojuan and Yan Chunai told reporters that the competition allows participants to make bold innovation and transformation within the scope of the rules of the event. Teachers and students are teachers and students.Finally, choose a technical route based on SLAM navigation and multi -sensor fusion to improve the performance of the vehicle.After buying back to various parts, they guide students to design algorithms, debugging, assembly, etc. to achieve the purpose of exercising students' hands -on ability."During the preparation process, the students were happy to study and cooperate with each other. From part assembly to damage and maintenance, they could be completed independently, which greatly improved students' engineering practice ability, professional ability, innovation ability and collaboration ability."

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