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[转帖] The launching ceremony of the National Tour Exhibition of China Sports Culture Exhibition was held

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    Our newspaper (Reporter Liu Ye) Recently,一线资讯 the launching ceremony of the "Sports Power Chinese Spirit" China Sports Culture Exhibition National Tour Exhibition was held at Tsinghua University.Gao Zhidan, director of the State General Administration of Sports, Zhang Jiasheng, deputy director of the State General Administration of Sport, Wang Xiqin, president of Tsinghua University, and Zai Yong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University, attended the event to unveil the event and speak.

    "Sports Power Chinese Spirit" China Sports Culture Exhibition is an important part of the "Chinese Sports Spirit" project.The exhibition focuses on the development and brilliant achievements of the sports industry of New China, and relive the moving stadiums engraved in the memory of the Chinese nation.The exhibition is divided into "Struggle for the New Era Sports Foundation", "Fearless of the Sound of the Age", "National Fitness and Burning China", "Hou Waves, Dreams, Shao Zhuang, and the Winter Olympics" and other sectors.The main form is vividly interpreted the Chinese sports spirit with the main content of "compete for glory, selfless dedication, scientific and practical, disciplined laws, unity and cooperation, and stubborn hard work".It shows the surging power that is closely linked to the Chinese dream and the Chinese dream.

    Zhang Jiasheng said that the "Sports Power Chinese Spirit -China Sports Culture Exhibition" is an important part of the "Chinese Sports Spiritual Spirit" project. The panoramic shows the development of New China sports. In particularAchievements, showing and praising the rich connotation and vivid weather of the spirit of Chinese sports, using sports as a link to show the credible, cute and respectable Chinese image.It is hoped that through this exhibition, the general people, especially young students, will further promote the positive energy of sports and forge a new journey.

    Overbuy said that Tsinghua University will take this tour as an opportunity to continue to promote the concept of "non -sports, no Tsinghua", cultivate more pillar materials for the development of moral, intellectual, physical, and labor, and to comprehensively build a socialist modern country, comprehensively comprehensively, comprehensively,Promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to contribute to Tsinghua's power.

    Fan Zhendong, Table Tennis Olympic Champion Fan Zhendong, and Flower Skating Winter Olympics champion Han Cong participated in the activities of the day and shared his sports story.They combined with the experience and perception of the motherland, not afraid of challenges, and surpassing themselves on the field, interpreted their understanding of the spirit of Chinese sports, and inspired young students to work harder and serve the motherland.

    Tsinghua University has a glorious sports tradition, and has influenced and inspired a generation of youths such as "striving for at least 50 years for the health of the motherland" and "no sports".This exhibition is held in the Tsinghua West Stadium with a long history.During the event, the student representatives of Tsinghua University told the story of participating in sports and growing up, and recited the "Chinese Sports Spiritual Spirit."

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