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[转帖] The Chinese Records Association and the International Sports Records Association signed the "House of Sports Journalists" to build a memorandum of co -construction

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      Xinhua News Agency,高速资讯 Rome, December 20th. On the 20th, the China Records Association and the International Sports Journalist Association signed a memorandum of co -establishment of the "Sports Journalist House" in Rome.

      According to reports, the "House of Sports Journalists" is a Chinese and foreign sports journalist exchange and cooperation mechanism established by the China Records Association International Sports Association.Display activities and other activities to jointly promote the exchange and cooperation of Chinese and foreign sports press.The signing with the International Sports Records Association is a useful expansion of the China Records Association to strengthen and cooperate with the international multilateral reporter organization and professional journalist organizations. It is also a specific measure to build a "home of Chinese and foreign journalists" network.

      Liu Siyang, Secretary of the Party Group and Vice Chairman of the Chinese Records Association, said at the signing ceremony that the establishment of the "Sports Journalist House" mechanism will enhance mutual understanding and exchanges between Chinese and foreign sports press, and further strengthen pragmatic cooperation in the field of sports in China and foreign countries.

      Jenny Mero, chairman of the International Sports Journalists Association, hopes that the two parties will carry out various forms of exchange activities under the mechanism to jointly promote sports reporters to play a greater role in maintaining sports value, enhancing understanding and friendship.

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