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[转帖] New policy for Xiaochang: The subsidy is coming, the loan is more loose!

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    While pulling the girls' marketing CP they have partnered,热门话题 they set up a "lonely life" person for themselves. During the marketing period, various hint movements were enough to cut dozens of videos.The fans of the family CP given the name "Sugar Eight Persons", and there are still many people on the Internet. In fact, he has been in love. If you are interested, you can go and see.

    Following the producer of the previous Ming Detective program group, Xiao Box jumped to the goose and made a new show "Start Inference". Fans of the Mango Terrace found that "Start Inference Bar" copied the program produced by Yanji Studio in 2020"The Inferences started", which disrupted the plan of the star detective show group at the time, and the show had to be renamed as a great detective. It was originally for the sake of better development.The box was accused of forgetting to be linked.

    In addition to mentioning a lot of dresses and clothes borrowed from Jing Bairan's house, they also said that both of them knew it through "He Shen".This is He Yan's black claim. He must not need to be known for passers -by, but most of the netizens still suffer, but when He Yan fell into a controversy, he did not talk about him, but he took the opportunity to step on a kick.Essence

    Finally, let's talk about his coffee positions that have been maintained between the second and third lines, but there are no works that have been standing, and he has not won any awards. His "Tongguang" is the TV series with the lowest ratings in Jiangsu Satellite TV.When "Ordinary Glory" was broadcast on Zhejiang Satellite TV, the ratings were reached a new low, breaking the lowest ratings of Zhejiang Satellite TV platform since 2020.The TV series "8090" innovated the viewing chassis of the Hunan Satellite TV Golden Eagle Theater. The three different satellite TVs, the ministry is the lowest ratings. The only hot works with the popularity are frying CP or tearing each other.

    Why is this?So sometimes they are ridiculed that they are not like fans because they do n’t have a studio, and they are mostly found for their own reasons.


    #be honest#

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