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[转帖] Neijiang, Sichuan: Multi -children families rent a housing provident fund withdrawal amount of 18,000 yuan / year

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    Jet Li,独家资讯 born in Beijing on April 26, 1963, Chinese film and television actor, director, producer, martial arts, businessman, businessman.
    In 1971, he entered the Shichahai Sports School in Beijing, and began his career of martial arts athletes.In 1975, he participated in the National Games martial arts routine and won the all -around champion.In 1979, he withdrew from the martial arts industry due to injury.In 1982, he starred in his first film "Shaolin Temple", which broke the box office record of Chinese movies in Mainland China.In 1986, he directed the action film "Chinese Heroes".The action film starring in 1991 "Huang Feihong's ambition Lingyun" laid its position in the film industry.In 1992, he won more attention with the martial arts film "Swordsman Ⅱ: Undefeated East".In 1995, he won the 32nd Taiwan Film Golden Horse Award Mainland Special Award.
    In 1998, he went to Hollywood in the United States and starred in his first film "Deadly Weapon 4" in Hollywood in the same year.In 2001, the producer of the action film "Mutant Elements".In 2002, he became the cover character of the American "Hero" because of starring in the martial arts film "Hero".In 2003, he was nominated for the Best Fighting scene of the 12th MTV Film Award with the action film "The Cosmic Chase Order".In 2008, he won the best actor in the 27th Hong Kong Film Awards with the action film "Investment".In 2009, he became a member of the Chinese Enterprise Furniture Department.In 2010, he was selected as "Time Weekly" "Top 100 Most Influential Persons List of the Year" in the United States.In 2011, he participated in the establishment of Tai Chi Zen International Cultural Development Co., Ltd.In the 30 -year awards ceremony of "Chinese Martial Arts", he won the "Chinese Martial Arts Most Martial Arts Award for 30 Years of Martial Arts".In 2016, he starred in the costume film "Legend of God".

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