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[转帖] Major adjustment!Starting starting today

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    Just now,moment information website half of the entertainment industry rushed on Weibo to search for the topic of Huahua Yu's song. Lao Mo specially checked it. Indeed, there were many stars doing this. In addition to the ace family, there were Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi, and Sha Yi.Cai Guoqing, some fast male members, etc.!


    Playing a song for Hua Chenyu, it has been nothing new in the entertainment industry in the current entertainment industry.

    Who is Hua Chenyu?It is one of the favorite male singers of young audiences. The traffic is extremely high. If you update a dynamics, there are millions of people watching!

    This new song of Hua Chenyu is "Ordinary Life".

    The tune is more cheerful, and the lyrics are better than previous works.

    But what we want to say today is not whether Hua Chenyu's song is nice or not, but the warmth of the entertainment industry!


    Before Hua Chenyu, a singer's work frequently appeared on Weibo hot search, the data is not worse than him

    This singer is Daolang, from July to December!

    During that time, Daolang almost became a frequent visitor to search. Whether it was published a work or the grievances between him and other stars, it was the discussion of the netizens after the meal.

    After the appearance of "Song of Songs", what we saw was not the entertainment stars playing songs for Daolang, but countless writers and scholars rushed into the comment area to analyze the meaning of Dao Lang Xinge for Sword Fans!

    Whether it is the future of "Future Film", or the irony "Rakshahai City", or praise the great "Flower Demon", there are no mainstream stars, including singers and actors to participate in the discussion


    Why do stars do not want to call for Daolang Xinge, or give professional opinions

    Do they not listen to songs? "Don't pay attention to the Internet?

    Obviously not!

    Because there are too many people standing on the opposite side of Daolang, it is too strong

    In addition to the familiar Wang Feng, Na Ying, Yang Kun, Gao Xiaosong, there are also famous musicians such as Gu Jianfen, Yan Su, Li Haiying, Xu Peidong

    If they jump out, it means that they may offend these people

    The entertainment industry is a well -known field, and it is more right and wrong. It means more mistakes, because they choose one more thing!


    Compared with Daolang, Hua Chenyu has a lot of contradictions in entertainment. At least no one explicitly explicitly states that "I hate Hua Chenyu", "I want to suppress Hua Chenyu", "Hua Chenyu on the Spring Festival Gala, I will smash TV" and so on.

    On the contrary, Hua Chenyu is synonymous with traffic. He played for him. He not only won the support of Hua Chenyu's fans, but also harvested a wave of traffic. In this kind of thing, the inner entertainment stars like to do it very much!

    But does this mean that the approach of internal entertainment stars is right?The three views are correct?

    Obviously not!

    Whether it is a front -line singer or the eighteenth -line artist, they are public figures. They should use the correct three views to lead fans to grow up

    What is the correct three views?That is, treat others, do not hold high steps, and do not tend to be attached!

    "Mountain Songs Rare" can shock the world, it must be particularly desirable

    Such a work should be supported by internal entertainment stars, but they chose collective silence ·


    The most interesting thing is that on December 6, Daolang chose to retreat

    With such heavy news, the internal entertainment star chooses to ignore it again, and does not care about it

    On the contrary, it is a new song released by Hua Chenyu, which immediately attracted half of the stars of the entertainment industry

    I have to make people emotion: I saw the newcomers laugh, I do n’t see the old people crying, and the entertainment star ’s food is a bit ugly!

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