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[转帖] 2023 daily production GTR sports cars Tianjin's existing car benefits to benefit the price

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      Performance cars include crocks,爆料资讯 M6, Mercedes -Benz, Nissan GTR, Porsche 911, how to choose in many performance cars.Car sales Jiang Guoliang will take you to understand GTR

      The core of the engine legend

      Nissan challenged the convention at every stage of GT-R development.Nissan GT-R is not a large, heavy, and thirsty engine, but is driven by the twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V6 engine of the precision engineering. It produces a huge 565 horsepower and the same huge 630 Nm torque.It also takes into account the intensity when it is built -from a closed deck air cylinder to the ladder frame structure -to increase support.

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      IHI turbocharger is installed on each group of the engine.Inspired by racing technology, the exhaust manifold optimizes the turbine flange connection point, which can perform easier maintenance and potential adjustment without contacting the exhaust manifold.In order to ensure that there is no turbine lag when the torque rises, GT-R uses high-precision electronic control.

      Handmade molding titanium exhaust pipe

      As we all know, it is difficult to use titanium, and it helps ensure that the engine is appropriately cooling the huge output of the engine.Each exhaust pipe is hand -made by a master of craftsmen, designed for a single vehicle, and has been polished -to highlight the fact that this is a high -performance vehicle worthy of enjoyment.

      A engineer, a engine

      Each GT-R has an honorary badge.There are only five people, Takumi-the highest-level craftsman-the only person on the earth who is allowed to frame the GT-R engine by manual.Just as it is, each GT-R is affixed with a nameplate with a Takumi name.

      Transmission changes your driving method

      The longer the shift time, the less time to put the electricity into the ground.The sequence of GT-R 6-speed dual-clutch transmission can capture the fast-ranging gear change in R mode.

      Two clutches, no clutch pedal

      The 6-speed dual-clutch transmission of Nissan GT-R is a separate clutch with a separate clutch (1, 3, 5) and the even gear (4th, 6th).When the car is in a strange gear, it will choose the adjacent number gear in advance, and prepare the next shift immediately.

      The processing of handling technical can never shake

      Although most sports cars stay in the garage or hurriedly retreated in the winter, Nissan GT-R uses ATTESA. This is one of the most advanced full-wheel drive and vehicle dynamic control (VDC) system in the history of production vehicles.

      Full -wheel drive (AWD)

      The processing of the 50/50 torque distribution between the front axle and the rear axis of each season is different. This electronic control system of electronic control will send up to 100%of the available torque to your rear wheels and can be slippery in wet slippery.The topography of up to 50%of the torque to the front wheel.This provides a fast steering response of the rear -wheel drive vehicle, and increases confidence that only AWD can provide.In addition, it is used in conjunction with the dynamic control of the vehicle to monitor your steering and braking.If the system detects any excessive steering or insufficient steering, it can be compensated by reducing the engine speed and the selected brakes.

      Performance switch

      The 3 mode system that is easy to use by GT-R is ready at any time.The three switches allow the specific performance parameters of the transmission, suspension and vehicle dynamic control (VDC) system in real time.

      R mode R-Mode is used for maximum performance.It provides a faster gear for 6 -speed gearboxes and adjusts the suspension, shock absorber and vehicle dynamic control system to achieve high -performance control.

      For daily driving, please select the normal mode. This mode is equipped with the transmission, suspension and vehicle dynamic control to obtain a stable and delicate cycling experience.

      Special mode uses the saving mode for long -distance driving and gentle torque transmission on the slippery surface.In comfort mode, the damping force of the shock absorber will be adjusted to obtain higher comfort.Closing mode will remove the dynamic control system of your car.

      Chassis design

      Pursuing precise pursuit

      In another break with the convention, Nissan GT-R's Premium Midship platform placed the engine in a farther chassis to enhance the handling.This unique layout also installs the gearbox and the gearbox in the rear of the GT-R, creating an independent rear transmission in the full-wheel drive vehicle.

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      BOSE Advanced Audio System 11 speaker BOSE advanced audio system is designed for GT-R, and the rear seats have a dual bass unit-the trunk is used as a huge bass shell.In order to keep the sound loud but clean, two independent amplifiers are used: one for double bass guns, and one of the other nine speakers for the entire cabin.The rear center bass unit and door speaker are installed on the rigid aluminum pressure casting panel, which improves the sound quality.

      Select semiiline leather seats

      GT-R's leather interior surrounds you with luxurious, semiiline, and double seams.                                 

      Ventilation controls the aluminum frames around the outside with subtle etch on the outside to enhance its feel, while carbon fiber decoration is pure high -performance and pleasing.

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