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[转帖] The winter solstice has not been as cold as "three nine"!When will the warm up in the expectation come?

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    Today (December 21) is Popular news sitesstill the roar of Beifeng, and the Beijing Meteorological Observatory was released at 11:00: This afternoon is fine,North Wind Level 3 or 4, Gust 67 Grade, The highest temperature is minus 4 ° C; the night is sunny, the north wind is about two levels,The minimum temperature is minus 13 ° C.

    The city is still inDafeng blue, road iced yellow, continuous low temperature yellow warningAmong them, everyone needs to pay attention to windproof and cold, beware of high -altitude falls, and pay attention to travel safety.in particularAt get off work, there is no sun shining, and the cold amount will not increase the price ~

    The temperature will rise gradually next week, and the maximum temperature during the day will return to the zero-degree line. Between 1 and 5 ° C, the lowest temperature at night can also rise to -10 ° C.

    However, there will be cold air activities next week, and the temperature will be ups and downs. Please pay attention to the forecast and prevent prevention.

    The central and eastern parts of my country are as cold as the "Three Nine" all year round

    The reporter learned from the meteorological department that most of the country still maintains the sparse weather pattern of rain and snow today.As the cold air continues south, in the next three days, the temperature in many places in the central and eastern parts may refresh the low since this winter, and the body sensation is cold and the cold will be cold.The cold level is comparable to the "three nine" of the year. The minimum temperature of 0 ° C will also be pressed south to northern South China. This will be the southernmost tip of the 0 ° C line since this winter.

    China Weather.com launch a national freezing map. Come and see which layer of your home in the refrigerator.

    Under the influence of cold air, the temperature in the central and eastern parts will remain lower than the same period before the weekend. Among them, some areas in North China, Eastern Huanghuai, Jianghuai, and Jiangnan north are above 7 ° C.It is expected that the temperature will rise after the 22nd, and the temperature will gradually return to the normal or even high state after the 25th.

    In the late period of this winter, my country may experience the "roller coaster" again

    It has entered late December, will it be so cold this winter?The National Climate Center recently introduced that it is expected that the late winter period, from January to February 2024, the intensity of winter wind in East Asia is generally weak. Except for the temperature in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, the northern Heilongjiang, most of Tibet, the south of QinghaiThe same period is low,Most of my country's temperatures are close to all year round, but the cold and warm ups and downs may experience the "roller coaster" again.

    The weather in December this year can be described as fierce contrasts before and after. The country has experienced the "roller coaster" type temperature of the "roller coaster" in the early stage and the rapid cooling of the later period.The National Climate Center said that in general, from January to February next year, there are more precipitation in the central and eastern my country, and precipitation from the rest of the country is close to the same period of the same year to the same period.Cold air activities are relatively active, and the process of staged cooling and snowfall may occur again in the northern region. Staged low -temperature rain and snow frozen may occur in the south of the river and southwestern region.

    The National Climate Center said that when it comes to the warmer of a certain year or a certain month, it is not determined by a single weather incident, but is determined by whether the average temperature average of the whole period of time is significantly higher or lower than the history of history.From the perspective of historical data statistical analysis, in the context of El Nino, my country's winter temperature is generally warm, but the stage cold air activity is more frequent, which means that the cold and cold ups and downs are obvious.In addition, China is a sensitive area of climate change and a significant impact area. Although the temperature increase is higher than the global average, the intensity of extreme cold waves has not weakened, and strong cold air or cold tide has increased.

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