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[转帖] Minsheng Bank Jinan High -tech Sub -branch: Fire Safety Co -Guarded and Broadcast Articles

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    China Quality News Network On January 4,一手资讯 the People's Government of Shanghai Jinshan District disclosed that the Shanghai Jinshan District Housing Management Bureau answered the hot questions of the "Jinshan District Purchase of Free Rail Trading within 5 years".

    (Picture source: People's Government of Jinshan District, Shanghai)

    In response to the conditions for the five -year free rail transportation service of Jinshan Real Estate, the District Housing Management Bureau responded that since January 2, 2024, the purchase of Jianfa Real Estate, Reinstalling Land Real Estate, Hua Textile Real Estate, Xinhua Real Estate, Guangming Real Estate, and Light Real Estate, and Light Real Estate, Bright Real Estate,Nine developers of Jiayun Real Estate, Beijing Construction Industry, Poly Development, and Xinjinshan Investment Control Group have designated real estate in Jin, and can enjoy the free rail transportation work of Jinshan Real Estate for five years.

    At present, the relevant district departments are unified the exclusive transportation card. From the date of the measurement (January 2, 2024), the households are divided into the number of cross -district home owners who purchase houses in the relevant projects, and then pay according to the owner's payment.Methods, deliver traffic cards at one time or in batches.The specific operation process is negotiated with the buyer and the developer.

    It is reported that on the morning of January 4th, the "I Jinshan" WeChat public account released, "Last year, Shanghai Jinshan District issued a new policy of living in a new policy.Family adjustment into individuals, attract more high -level talents to work and live. "

    "In 2024, Jinshan released another five -year free commuting information of home property -since the date of release, you can take Jinshan rail transit for free within five years of purchasing a house in Jinshan. This will help Jinshan residents reduce the cost of commuting and improve the quality of life ...Mowing

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