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[转帖] Professor Huang Ping and Professor Huang Ping were invited to report on the "Second China Meteorological Tourism Industry Development Conference"

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    [This 爆炸新闻website] On December 19, the 2nd China Meteorological Tourism Industry Development Conference was held in Sanmenxia, Henan.The meeting carried out in-depth discussions and exchanges around the "Meteorological Enchanting the High-quality Development of the Tourism Industry", and released the first group standard for the first "climatic recreation of living" group standards in my country Appropriate Rating Evaluation Index (T/CMSA 0046-2023).

    The second session of the China Meteorological Tourism Industry Development Conference site

    Professor Wang Shi Gong at the School of Atmospheric Sciences was invited to make an academic report entitled "Climate Introduction to the High -quality Development of the Tourism Industry -Henan Province as an example" at the conference.Wang Shigong mainly focuses on the integration of cultural tourism+climatic health, the expansion of tourism connotation, the theoretical foundation of climate health care, and the comfort of climatic recreation and comfort.

    Professor Wang Shi Gong made a special report

    Professor Huang Ping, the School of Management, was invited to the Drafting Group at the Conference on the Drafting Group to publish the "Climate -Illustration Living Return Evaluation Index" (T/CMSA 0046-2023) group standards.The standard was drafted by our university with 10 industry -university -research units.As the person in charge of the drafting of this standard, Huang Ping introduced the three first -level indicators, comfort, wind and light, light, health, health, health, health, health, health, health, health, health, health, and health.The degree of freshness, freshness, livability, livable, Yiyou, satisfaction 8 second -level indicators and 40 third -level indicators are commonly composed, which is suitable for climatic recreation of climate recuperation on relying on meteorological landscape, climate conditions, ecological environment, human meteorological and other resources, Evaluation of a certain area for Kangyang Living and Kangyang Tourism.

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