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[转帖] 400,000 domestic performance cars, Lingke 03 ++ is challenging the status of Type R and Golfa R!

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    Many people have an impression of domestic cars and low price. Some new cars,Popular news sites despite high -end configuration, are also lower than the same level joint venture car.To this day, when this concept has passed, domestic cars have been exported abroad, and the quality is not lost to joint venture cars. The price must be mentioned naturally.More than 150,000 domestic cars on the market are as good as hairy, and there are many cars of 500,000 to 600,000. Even some domestic cars have been sold for millions.

    The price of domestic cars today is not cheap. Two models, one 285,800, and a 420,300, the new car is Lingke 03 (parameter 丨 picture) ++.There are two plus numbers in the car name, which means that this car is very strong. It can challenge the status of Type R and Golfa R.Compared with the joint venture brand, the popularity and brand power of the domestic brand are weak, but the performance of the car is no longer backward. Whether the new car is worth buying is depends on it.

    In terms of appearance, Lingke 03 is a high -end brand, and 03 ++ is the performance version of ordinary models, similar to Mercedes -Benz's entry and AMG models.The design of the new car is relatively aggressive, and the front face has a strong sense of layering. This wide -body design is more durable.The lamp group is designed on the engine, and the three -dimensional sense is very strong. This shape is highly recognizable. The middle car logo is not a traditional car logo, but a square new car logo.The shape of the slot is exaggerated, and the front face is very sporty.

    On the side, the new car does not use a hidden door handle, but a black design, which is even more noticeable.The waistline is highly prominent, making the entire side more three -dimensional.The bottom of the new car is a black strip spoke wheel with a size of 19 inches. The roof is a slip -back design with flat lines to ensure the internal space.The size of the new car is 4697/1843/1456 (1446) mm, and the wheelbase is 2730mm.At the tail, there is an exaggerated spoiler on the new car. The lamp group adopts penetrating design. The internal light source is arranged vertically. There is a black diffuser below, and there are four tail row, which shows the sports style.

    In the interior part, the shape of the center console is similar to the collar 03. In order to improve the texture and use it for the foil material, the new car retains the large LCD instrument panel and the central control screen. This design is not common on the sports car.In addition, the new car seat is also commonly used in racing. The side support is better, and the impact of high -speed turns on drivers is less.For safety reasons, the new car is equipped with a four -point seat belt, as well as rolling racks. Obviously, the new car is not suitable for home use, only suitable for speed and passion.

    In terms of power, the new car is a 2.0T engine with a power of 350ps and a torque of 450N · m. It matches the 8AT gearbox. It has front -wheel drive and four -wheel drive versions. The price gap is relatively large.

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