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[转帖] Inner Mongolia increases the financing support of major people's livelihood projects

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    Original title: "Unlocked" in colorful cultural activities "unlock" the first Shanghai employee cultural season closing

    Dongfang.com reporter Xiong Fangyu reported on January 5: Thehot topic website first Shanghai employee culture season and the 25th Shanghai Reading Festival closing ceremony was held at the Wanping Theater yesterday.Since 2023, the Shanghai Trade Union has launched the first Shanghai employee culture season around the theme of "struggle with you the most beautiful is you". A group of works have emerged, a team of works have emerged, and a team of relatively decentralized employees used to have been decentralized in the past.Gathering together, strive to make it into a cultural carnival in Shanghai employees.

    Through linking the industrial unions of the district bureaus, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions focused on creating 5 major cultural events, two cultural display stage, 1 cultural service project, and 101 employee cultural sub -projects, participating in more than 10 million employees.

    The colorful activities will be sent to the employees: 85 district bureaus industrial unions and 2367 teams in the city actively contribute to participate in the "Shanghai Workers' Team Family Personal Photography Competition"; Shanghai Workers (Citizen) Cultural Network Contests accumulate the number of employees participating in the number of employees.Ren 402,000; courier brothers, takeaway dining offer, online delivery provider singer contest attracted 12 platform logistics companies, nearly 400 new employment workers signed up for the competition;The competition shows the "big theme" with "small incision"; the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions promotes the "Shanghai Employees Excellent Literary Works Collection Show" and "Courier Brother, Takeaway Catering Personnel, and Online Delivery Singer Contest" into the business district building.Send the most vivid and vivid culture of employees to the employees.

    The 25th Shanghai Reading Festival started in April last year. During the period, more than 800 reading activities were organized, covering nearly 10 million people.

    This year's Shanghai Reading Festival has launched 11 reading projects of the five major sections of "reading, listening, reading, writing, and music".Among them, the "Reading Shanghai" theme solicitation, combined with Shanghai Reading Festival "Yue Reading Book List" theme book recommendation, solicited prose and miniature poetry as a genre, and received a total of 30,000 reading experience; "I am the principal today" readingThe event creative competition, extensively absorb the "golden ideas" of the whole people's reading creative; "My Pillow Book" short video collection event selection 60 outstanding video works.

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