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[转帖] Digital integration promotes new industrialization

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      In 2023,real time news website digital technologies represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, and industrial Internet became the key force leading the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, and continuously spawned new business and new models and new industries.In order to promote new industrialization and build a modern industrial system, the digital economy has gathered strong kinetic energy.

      The foundation is constantly consolidating

      The "China Internet Development Report (2023)" shows that in 2022, the size of China's digital economy reached 5.02 trillion yuan, with a total volume steadily ranked second in the world, accounting for 41.5%of the GDP proportion.

      As an important cornerstone that supports the booming digital economy, the construction of new types of information infrastructure in my country is further consolidated.As of November 2023, my country has built a total of 3.282 million 5G base stations, which has covered all prefecture -level cities and urban areas.The construction of the "dual Gigabit" network has steadily advanced, and the fixed Internet broadband access users of Gigabit and above have reached 150 million users, and 110 cities have reached the standard of Gigabit cities.

      "my country has built the largest and technological 5G network in the world, and the supply capacity has been increasing; innovative technology has continued to break through, and the amount of 5G standards must be 42%global." Xie Cun said.

      With the rapid development of the digital economy, the demand for computing power has exploded.To this end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Expressive Development Action Plan for Computing Power Infrastructure" to guide the rational layout of the national computing power infrastructure with the direction of increasing the utilization of resource utilization.The development of the main line promotes the coordinated development of computing, network, storage and application, and promotes industrial, finance, medical, education, energy and other key areas to build a number of new computing power.

      "In the next step, we will continue to consolidate and improve the industry's competitive advantage and leading position in accordance with the idea of" building, use, and research 'coordinated advancement, and further consolidate the network base of the digital economy development. "Xie Cun introduced that it will accelerate the construction of network infrastructure.Continue to adhere to the concept of moderate advancement, speed up the construction and deployment of 5G networks and Gigabit Optical Network; promote industrial innovation and development, and continue to promote the innovation breakthroughs of core communication chips and key radio frequency devices around the key directions such as 5G technology evolution and high -speed light communication.

      Empower the real economy

      There are 50 cross -industry and cross -domain industrial Internet platforms, nearly 90 million connected equipment, 5G and Gigabit Optical Network have been integrated into the 71 national categories.In 2023, the digital technology and the real economy were deeply integrated. The application expanded from auxiliary links to the core link. It has made important progress in transforming and upgrading traditional industries, promoting manufacturing to high -end, intelligent, and green transformation.

      Entering the Ordos Haoda Coal Mine in Inner Mongolia, the staff is monitoring online through the comprehensive management and control platform of the mine, and transmitted the data collected to the three -dimensional visualization platform in real time.Based on the waves such as Yunzhou Digital, the Internet of Things, virtual simulation and other technologies, the platform builds a mines geographical space database, and conducts three -dimensional simulation of mining surface landforms, industrial squares, Jingxiang engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc. to achieve visual management of the safety production status.The efficiency of coal mining production operations increased by 20%, and the safety guarantee capabilities of underground operations increased by 30%.

      "Digital technology empowers the real economy to improve the degree of automation of the production line, help enterprises to achieve refined management, improve the efficiency of resource utilization, reduce inventory and logistics costs, and then reduce operating costs; speed up product development and design speed, improve the level of intelligent product intelligence level, Enhance corporate innovation capabilities. "Su Jingqin, president of the Dalian University of Technology Platform Management Research Institute.

      my country's digital economy is generally at the forefront of the world, but the problem of "card neck" in high -end chips, operating systems, databases and industrial software is still prominent.On the application side, the industrial chain is insufficient, and the quality and openness of data need to be improved. Cross -border integration needs to be further strengthened.Taking the generation artificial intelligence technology as an example, how to further advance the general model to the vertical class, how can the small model be selected for application scenarios, how the large model and the small model form a joint force, to organically combine it, and empower the development of the real economy.More urgent topics.

      Su Jingqin suggested that focusing on the underlying basic technology and core key technologies, through the organic combination of the market and the government, to explore the new path of new R & D institutions in core key technologies, build a new ecosystem of digital technology, and continue to carry out scientific research; continue to strengthen the business entityA initiative and enthusiasm, encourage enterprises to continuously try and error, support large digital enterprises to invest in vertical segments, and better connect with the needs of physical enterprises.

      Industrial growth is stable

      Under the traction of application needs, my country's digital industry has grown steadily.In terms of division, in the first 1123 months, my country's software business revenue was 11044.7 billion yuan, an increase of 13.9%year -on -year.In the first 10 months of 2023, the added value of electronic information manufacturing above designated size increased by 1.7%year -on -year, and the growth rate increased by 0.3 percentage points compared with the first three quarters of 2023.Among the main products, the output of mobile phones was 1.25 billion units, an increase of 1.6%year -on -year; the output of integrated circuits was 276.5 billion yuan, an increase of 0.9%year -on -year; the output of optical electronic devices was 117.53 billion, a year -on -year increase of 9.3%.

      "The digital industry has shown a stable recovery trend, and it is inseparable from the continuous introduction of a series of supporting industrial development policies with the state and local governments. At present, more and more physical enterprises have conducted digitized transformation, forming a number of new leading industries and leading areas as the leading areas.The digital ecosystem represented has laid a solid foundation for economic and social development. "Su Jingqin said.

      In the opinion of Tao Qing, director of the operation monitoring and coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, to promote the high -quality development of the digital industry, it is necessary to consolidate the foundation of the industrial development and accelerate the cultivation of new kinetic energy.

      On the one hand, focusing on the needs of typical application scenarios, strengthening software supply and demand docking, and promoting the formation of a good development cycle of collaborative supply and demand and application iteration.Guide the open source foundation to accelerate the construction, extensively gather the open source forces of all parties, and promote the best and stronger of open source custody platforms, open source communities, and open source agreements.

      On the other hand, accelerate the implementation of major projects, guide the reasonable layout of the industry, and orderly promote the construction of projects such as integrated circuits, new display, communication equipment, smart hardware, lithium -ion batteries and other key areas.Promote the integration and docking of innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain, and talent chain, study and formulate a new round of continuation policies to support the development of the audiovisual industry, implement policy documents in the fields of Beidou applications, intelligent photovoltaics, etc.Chain, traditional industrial promotion chain, emerging industry chain.

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