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[转帖] Suzhou has created a work brand of "Tongxin Yue Reading · Book Fragrance Unit", forming a strong atmosphere broadcast article for "love reading, reading good books, and reading good reading"

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    "These are my grandfather Zhang Taiyan's student during life during Suzhou ..." Recently, Zhang Nianxiang, the former vice -chairman of the Democratic Revolution Municipal Committee in Zhangyuan, Suzhou.Experience.In the form of "Museum Visiting + Exchange Conference" in this issue, the special reading of this issue allows everyone to understand the cultural thoughts and revolutionary spirit of the Pioneer of the Democratic Revolution.

    Since the beginning of this year, the Suzhou United Front has carefully created a brand brand of "Tongxin Yue Reading · Shuxiang united front". It has held 5 "Concentric Reading Reading", more than 10 "Tongxin Lecture Halls", and more than 30 "Tongxin Yue Reading and Share People". This isA series of activities form a strong atmosphere of "love reading, read good books, and read well" in the city.

    Not long ago, at the third period of the reading gesture event, the guests started reading and sharing insights around "reading a city together", and told the monuments, famous victories and culture in the ancient city.It is understood that the Suzhou United Front "Concentric Reading Reading" is slowly expanded around a characteristic topic. He invited Ge Jianxiong, a senior professor at Fudan University, a litter of the Central Literature and History Research Museum, vice chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Writers Association, and Chairman of the Suzhou Literary Federation.Wang Yao, the winner of the Lu Xun Literature Award, the well -known young writer Lu Sihao and other cultural coffees shared the guests as the main theme.

    Through reading activities, Suzhou established a consultant group of "Tongxin Reading" consisting of well -known writers and literary critics such as Fan Xiaoqing, Honorary Chairman of the Jiangsu Federation of Literary and Art Federations, to sort out the reading book of "Jiangnan Cultural Topics" and launch the city's first "Tongxin Reading Research Research"Learning routes", hire the united front reading brand promotion ambassador, etc., and build "Tongxin Reading" into a platform for display and communication of reading results.

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