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[转帖] Flipboard is turning to ActivityPub and Federal Universe

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    Flipboard is 热门话题taking the biggest step towards Fediverse.The company recently announced that it has begun to turn its user account to ActivityPub.In other words, every user who published content on Flipboard can now present these contents and interact on applications such as Mastodon.

    At present, the number of ActivityPub's linkage platform is 25 (including The Verge).However, Flipboard has made a commitment saying that as of March next year, any user on the open platform will allow any federal universe account on the open platform, and also allows Flipboard users to pay attention to any federal universe account on the open platform within the application.At that time, Flipboard will essentially become a platform based on the ActivityPub protocol, similar to MastDon or Pixelfed, but its interface design is more suitable for reading articles instead of browsing posts.It is believed that this is the best news in the federal universe before Threads completed the fusion.

    "Basically, we are using ActivityPub to replace the entire social back end with ActivityPub. I think Flipboard will become the first mainstream consumer -level social services to break through the wall garden and turn to ActivityPub."

    It seems to involve too many technical terms in the previous article, so let us use The Verge account as a slight explanation.From now on, when we add content to a "magazine" on Flipboard, we will also automatically create a post, which contains all the comments corresponding to the story links we add, Flipboard magazine links, and corresponding to the content.This will be a standard ActivityPub post, which is similar to the posts that everyone sees on Mastodon.Now, you can pay attention to various magazines on Flipboard, or pay attention to the corresponding Flipboard account in Mastodon, including obtaining diversified content from the federal universe on any other platform.And no matter which method is selected, users will get the same content confession.The only difference is that Flipboard looks more like reading applications, and Mastdon is more like a typical social interface with a timeline -centric.

    In terms of experience, joining the linked Flipboard and Twitter users are not much different from the special theme or focus on the press interface.Flipboard has always relied on platform creators to dedicate more high -quality content to users. The only difference is that the creator can now publish the content in the entire federal universe including Flipboard.Flipboard only strives to provide the best reading and discovery tools without force users to consume these contents within this platform.

    At first, these posts will only be published and read.However, the federal universe promises that if the user likes or responds to a post, the post will also compile and synchronize between applications and services, but Flipboard can not support this feature.However, McCue said that this feature will be launched in January next year, so everyone can wait.

    McCue repeatedly emphasized last year that ActivityPub, Mastdon, and the social Internet are the future trend.Flipboard has launched a Mastodon instance called Flipboard.social earlier this year. It has recently announced that it will no longer integrated with X, and instead specialize in open platforms.

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