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[转帖] Golden domain testing is strong, and the steady growth of the medical inspection industry is promoted

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    In recent years,爆料资讯 my country's medical inspection industry has maintained a steady growth of more than 10%per year.According to the data of the health statistics year, the inspection income of public hospitals nationwide in 2019 reached 361.58 billion yuan, an increase of 14.5%year -on -year.Among them, outpatient examination revenue was 183.47 billion yuan, an increase of 13.5%year -on -year; inpatient examination revenue was 178.11 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 15.5%.In recent years, the growth rate of inpatient examination income has been higher than the outpatient examination income.


    Golden domain testing states that from the perspective of volume and price splitting, the increase in the number of inspection and the increase in per capita inspection costs has a positive role in promoting the inspection market.Among them, the per capita inspection costs contribute greater contributions to the growth of inspection income.Under the guidance of the proportion of drug control, the inspection costs have been continuously improved.


    At present, domestic diagnosis and treatment -related group paid (DRGS) reforms have been continuously advanced. Hospitals have increased their motivation for controlling costs, and the status and roles of the inspection department have changed significantly.For the hospital, the inspection department will change from the profit center to the cost center, and the proportion of specimen delivery will continue to increase.In addition, the laboratory self -constructing method (LDT) policy has begun to pilot, and it is expected to promote the accelerated development of special testing business of some ICL (independent inspection centers) head enterprises.


    Golden Domain Testing is a high -tech service company with third -party medical testing and pathological diagnosis business. It is the largest -scale ICL leading enterprise in the domestic third -party medical test industry, the most widely market network, and the most complete inspection projects and technology platforms.one.

    The main business of Golden Domain testing is to provide more than 23,000 various medical institutions across the country with six major categories of testing technology including physical and chemical mass spectrometry, genomic testing, pathological diagnosis, biochemical light testing, immunology testing, and other comprehensive inspections.3900 inspection project outsourcing and scientific research technology services.Golden domain testing exceeds 150 million specimens per year, and has accumulated the world's leading large samples and large databases of Oriental races, based on this to promote the original innovation of the in vitro diagnostic industry and artificial intelligence diagnosis.


    At present, Golden Domain Testing has established 49 central laboratories and more than 750 cooperation laboratories across the country (including Hong Kong). The service network covers the area of more than 90%of the country's population.enterprise.


    In the field of medical inspection business, the Golden Domain Testing has continuously promoted the steady improvement of business with strategies to follow the market adjustment.According to the latest report, the Golden Domain Testing relies on TNGS (second -generation gene sequencing) and mass spectrum technologies, and continues to innovate in key disease detection technology, making the diagnostic business in the field of key diseases continue to increase.Infectious disease diagnosis business growth was as high as 51.3%, and the growth of genetic and rare diseases, nerve and mental illness, cardiovascular and endocrine disease diagnostic business was 40.6%, 34.41%, and 30.36%, respectively.


    At present, the domestic penetration rate of third -party testing agencies is still very low, so there is still huge room for development in the future.

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