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[转帖] In 2024, real estate ushered in good news, 6 major signals, which facilitated home buyers

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    [This Hot news websitearticle is currently unstable, but it will not be pitted!.
    [The next book "The Cadre Coffee has become popular after reading the heart", "Drop!"The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Entertainment Circle came!》 Seeking pre -collection ~]
    Once wearing a book, Jiang Yi worn into a cannon fodder agent in the entertainment industry novels.
    In the original plot, the inferior artist she brought was slander behind her job, her colleagues crowded out, and the company PUA, eventually she had nothing, and ended with depression.

    Good news: When she passes through, she binds a god -proud system to spend infinite money!
    Bad news: Her life and talent in the book are morally to force artificial value.

    Jiang Yi: It's good to say, send them to the top position to sit!

    Leading fake modeling: Xiaoyai, the company has always been very optimistic about you, but you are so disappointed.
    Colleagues fell into the well: The artist who took it out in person actually jumped to the right home. Why are there still face to the company?

    Jiang Yi: That's right, the money is less, no face, resign!
    So she sat on her global limited edition Rolls -Royce, and went away in the surprise eyes of everyone.
    Don't forget to take the security guard at the door.



    Holding the God Hao system, money is not a problem, how to spend money on the blade is a problem.
    But Jiang Yi has long locked his goal-

    Because of the truth in front of the camera, the trainee has been hidden for many years and has become a security guard for entertainment companies. He secretly practiced in his back and never gave up his dream.
    Jiang Yi: "Go with me, I can give you a stage."
    In the variety show, the trainees are powerful in singing and dancing. A "Phoenix Nirvana" is strong, and the whole network is hot!
    The 18 -line actress who rejected the company's hidden rules was blocked, and many jobs were unsuccessful. They could only be forced to choose to work in the milk tea shop.
    Jiang Yi: "Go with me, I can let you perform."
    On the screen, the strong empathy of the 18 -line actress made countless audiences cry for it. With a movie that was completely not optimistic, it broke the cold circle, and the dark horse counterattack became a movie after the film!

    The small and famous models on the Internet were suppressed by the company. The black material flies all over the sky. In order to live, it has become a clothing shelf that cannot be exposed.
    Jiang Yi: "Go with me, let me let you go the catwalk."
    On the fashion show, the unique shape and super expression of the over -air model shocked everyone.
    All artists who work under Jiang Yi have become popular!
    At the award ceremony, they all had such a sentence: "Thank you sister, if it wasn't for her help, I might not have the opportunity to stand here to receive the prize."
    At this time, Jiang Yi watched the balance of Carius and tangled: "Who should the next cultivation?"
    The artists who once jumped and satirized Jiang Yi ran to her as a conspicuous package: "Sister, can you see if you can give me a chance? I promise to listen obediently!"
    The top streams under Jiang Yi's hands are uniquely: Roll!Don't get on the side!
    Tip: The main career line, emotional line settings: past life, now life, sister and brother love, cool dragging sister X Bei micro -milk dog ~

    ——The copy of the copy of "Beat Coffee Eat Gourd and Eat Gourd" ——
    【Seeking Favorites ~】
    Once wearing a book, Sang Yi wore a cannon fodder girl in the entertainment industry. The daily work was to act as a background board in various crews and variety shows.
    Toilles are a small paste that has no one who asks.

    Social animals with a monthly salary of three thousand: two seconds of appearance, 300 daily salary, an average monthly income of 18,000, the underlying migrant workers expressed their satisfaction ~
    Moreover, it comes with a spoiler system. The front row VIP eats melon, and it will be refreshing!

    Sangi eats melons every day, and she is happy to touch the fish.
    Within ten meters, people around you can hear her conversation with the system.

    At the scene of celebrity outdoor competitive reality shows, Sang Yi, who guests, stayed aside and stunned the seeds:
    [Male model model Aidou secretly PC sleeping powder, will you enter oranges to drink tea after a while?.
    [The show is going to be broadcast?.
    Aidou: ... Listen to me.
    Director & surrounding artist: Zun Dudu faked O.O

    At the shooting scene of Hengdian Film and Television City, Sang Yi, who made a guest corpse lying on the ground:
    [The actor should have no taxes, and he should not sleep.Unfortunately, the actress who partnered with him, "slap" for six months..
    [Actress will be scolded in a row..
    Actress: ... this play is not an indispensable.
    Party A's father:!!Um?Is the investment in hundreds of millions of investment?

    At the scene of the couple's variety show, Sang Yi on the guests looked at the loving couple in front of the screen:
    [Star husband and wife in private X life disagreement?The man has a leg with a woman and a righteous girl?]
    [The female side raised Xiao Bai's face, and Xiao Bai's face turned out to be a righteous sister?Liu Xiahuan, roaring, so exciting!.
    The surrounding guests raised their ears: Oh, is this you can listen?


    Since the discovery of Sang Yi has the ability to spoiler, people and horses in the entertainment industry have ran to her-

    Gold medal agent: Sang Yi, there is a cooperation who wants you to talk about it. Considering a million monthly income?
    Director producer: Sang Yi, I have a script you need you to make a guest appearance for a few seconds, and the appearance fee 200000+
    Suspected of her husband's derailed entertainment company female president: Sang Yi, my husband and I have a meal, you come here to accompany me, the appearance fee is 2000000+

    Netizens: Wife is so beautiful, my wife is so beautiful, I want to stick it!
    A villain: ... I really want to take this group of people who grabbing my wife.

    1. The villain becomes childish love.

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