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[转帖] Changchun R & F Wanda Wenhua Hotel Winter Solstice Light and the Following Celebration of the Monthly Celebration

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    On December 22,高速资讯 2023, Changchun R & F Wanda Wenhua Hotel held the winter solstice lighting ceremony and the fourth anniversary celebration in the hotel lobby.

    The ancient charm is elegant, the palace girl is covered, and thousands of lights are clear.The pipa sound of high mountains and rivers ... leads us through thousands of years.The winter solstice, also known as the south, winter festivals, Asians, etc., has both the two connotations of nature and humanities. It is not only an important solar terms in the twenty -four solar terms, but also a traditional festival of Chinese folk.Ancient folk also had the "winter solstice as big as year".Today, Changchun R & F Wanda Wenhua Hotel gathered here with guests, spanning thousands of years, to the ancient ceremony, punching in and all episodes, and welcoming the winter solstice.

    "The winter solstice is the longest day of dark and dark time. Since the winter solstice, there will be more and more light. This is why we choose to light up the light and pray on the day of the winter solstice. Wanda Wenhua Hotel is one of the national hotels, We hope that through the activities of praying for blessings in the winter solstice, we convey the brand culture of the Oriental charm of the Wanda Wenhua Hotel, bringing the brand temperament containing the Chinese charm, and continuously enriching the cultural attributes of the Wanda Mandarin Hotel, and constantly rejuvenating the brand's texture"" ".Song Liying, general manager of Changchun R & F Wanda Wenhua Hotel, said.

    At the same time, this event Changchun R & F Wanda Wenhua Hotel and the Wanda Children's Public Welfare Project. The income of handicrafts such as paper -cutting, adopted paintings, and sugar people purchased by the guests will be donated directly to the Wanda Children's Public Welfare Project for the good.The models will be used to improve children's social welfare and educational resources.

    Starting today, while the hotel officially entered the four -year store celebration, it also entered the preparation of the Spring Festival. You can enjoy buffet, guest rooms, afternoon tea, banquets, Kangtai, Mingshihui, etc. on the hotel's self -operated WeChat mall channel.Celebrate a lot of surprises.

    The hotel also prepares a rich New Year's gift box and the beauty of the Spring Festival for you and your family.I believe that our extraordinary service, full of oriental rhyme dining experience and annual menu design, will definitely bring you a Chinese New Year feast.


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    About Changchun R & F Wanda Wenhua Hotel

    Changchun R & F Wanda Wenhua Hotel brings you exquisite service and elegant living experience that integrates Oriental fashion and local style.The hotel is located in the prosperous area of Hongqi Street's business district. Facing the Changchun Film Studio, this Chinese film cradle that has standing for nearly a century and carried countless people's memory.The hotel has 232 elegant and comfortable rooms and suite, as well as spacious and bright apartment. The all -in -one equipment and facilities allow you to enjoy your comforting time.You can taste the characteristic beauty and drink in a fashionable restaurant; or hold a meeting and banquet in the extraordinary banquet hall of the 958 square meters to enjoy the thoughtful one -stop coordinating service;Hear a thick and mellow cigar; or rejuvenate and relax the body and mind in the fitness center and the spa.

    About Wanda Hotel and Resort

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