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[转帖] The winter solstice is approaching, Beijing's whole day continues to freeze the freezing mode, and the temperature will rise at this time-

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    ThePopular news sites recent severe cooling and snowfall has made Beijing feel the power of strong cold air.It is nearly ending in December, will it be so cold in the late winter?

    On December 20, the National Climate Center stated that it is expected that the winter (January to February 2024) is expected to have a weaker in the winter style of the East Asian winter. In the same period, most of my country's temperatures are close to perennial year, but the cold and warm ups and downs are obvious, or the temperature is "roller coaster" again.

    Generally speaking, from January to February next year, there are more precipitation in the central and eastern part of my country, and precipitation in other parts of the country is close to the same period of the same year to less.Cold air activities are more active, and the process of staged cooling and snowfall in the northern region may occur again.During the intermittent period of the air, the conditions of the atmospheric diffusion have deteriorated. The Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei and the surrounding, the Fenwei Plain, and the Yangtze River Delta may occur.

    According to the National Climate Center, since the winter, the national precipitation has been nearly 50 % more than the same period of the same year.The distribution of precipitation is largely different. The central and eastern regions are roughly in the north, and the south areas. Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia are the most in history. Beijing and Henan are more than 2nd, and Shaanxi is more than 3rd.

    Why is it so cold this winter?

    According to the previous predictions of the National Climate Center, the temperature in most parts of this winter is close to the same period or high in the same year. So why is it so cold today?

    The National Climate Center stated that when it comes to the warmer of a certain year or a certain month, it is not determined by a single weather incident, but by comparing the average temperature of the whole period to determine whether it is significantly higher or lower than that of history.

    According to historical data statistics, in the context of El Nino, my country's winter temperature is generally warm, but the stage cold air activity is more frequent, which means that cold and cold ups and downs are obvious.However, the intensity of the cold air process is not only affected by El Nino, but also has a lot to do with the split of the Arctic vortex and the disturbance of the mid -high latitude west.

    my country is a sensitive area and a significant area of ​​climate change. Although the temperature increase is higher than the global average, the intensity of extreme cold waves has not weakened, and strong cold air or cold tide has increased.

    Data show that in early December this year, my country was warm and significant, and the temperature in the middle of the month was large.Since December (as of the 18th), precipitation is significantly more precipitation in most areas in the north.During this period, the national average temperature was -1.3 ° C, which was 0.9 ° C higher than the same period of the same year. The temperature in most areas across the country was mainly high.

    Immediately afterwards, the "roller coaster" type temperature of the "roller coaster" type with a continuous warming in the early stage and the rapid cooling of the later period.Beginning on December 14, due to the large -scale cold wave weather, the temperature dropped sharply in most areas of the country, and the maximum cooling of some national meteorological stations broke through the historical extreme value.

    The temperature in Beijing will rise next week

    According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, in the next three days, the temperature in some areas in the central and western regions of Inner Mongolia, North China, Liaoning and other places is more than 7 ° C or higher than the same period of the year.

    Tomorrow is the winter solstice. The impact of the cold air in this round of this round is still continuing. The Beijing Meteorological Department predicts that northern wind will continue to weaken until today's evening.The sluggish temperature will also restart the road of climbing after the end of the north wind.By Sunday, the highest temperature in Beijing during the day is finally expected to return to the freezing point. The temperature next week will be much more comfortable than this week.

    Source: Beijing Traffic Broadcasting Comprehensive Meteorology Beijing, China Weather, etc.

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