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[转帖] Welcome to the "basket" and show the bloody style

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      From December 16th to 20th, the "Agricultural Bank of China Cup" basketball game of the National Fitness and Employee Comprehensive Games of 2023 Dalukou District ended in the Gymnasium in Dadukou District.This competition was divided into two groups. After catching and fighting in the group, the winner confronted strongly, and finally competed from the Organ Street Township Group and the Enterprise and Business Group.

      On the arena, the players were working hard, actively interspersed with running positions, balls, cutting, layup, steals, and cooperating with each other.You chase me, and keep pushing the atmosphere of the game to a climax.During the five -day game, the audience witnessed the wonderful performance of countless basketball athletes, witnessed the vibrant and intense stimulus, every game is a story, a basketball, youth, youth, youth, youth, youth, youth, youth, youthBlood story.

      In the end, after fierce confrontation, the District Education Commission, the District Housing and Urban -Rural Development Commission, and the District Public Security Branch won the Champions League of the Organ Street and Towns Group;Crown and Assembly.

      In recent years, Dadukou District has attached great importance to the national fitness movement, fully build a national fitness public service system, optimizes fitness service functions, promotes the construction of the fitness circle of the urban community, the facilities of national fitness venues are gradually improved, and national fitness and various sports competition activities should be carried out according to local conditions.It not only enriched everyone's amateur and sports life, but also actively promoted the vigorous development of the park and colorful art construction in the park.

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