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[转帖] The price of gold has returned to nearly 6 months?Gold has risen again, should I buy gold?

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    Gold has always been the investment product that everyone is 突发新闻most concerned about. We have also discussed many times about the topic of gold. Now the price of gold has been further healed to a 6 -month high. Many people are asking the price of gold to rise again.Should I buy gold now?

    1. The price of gold is heated to nearly 6 months high

    According to Zhongxin Jingwei, on the morning of January 9, the spot gold station was $ 1870/ounce, which was the first time since June last year.

    Zhongxin Jingwei noticed that since October 2022, international gold prices have gradually reversed the decline and rebounded.The same flowering data show that the main contract of gold futures on the New York Commodity Exchange starts with the $ 1670.5/ounce in early October last year. After more than a month of shock, it has risen sharply as the US dollar index fell.

    It is reported that due to the turbulence of the global capital market, the slow interest rate hike expectations of the Federal Reserve, the rise of the global economic recession, and the central bank of the central banks in various countries have supported the demand, the price of gold has entered a channel.

    Regarding the future trend of gold prices, Bank of America analysts believe that gold may break through the US $ 2,000/ounce mark this year, and it is closer to the highest level of history after the epidemic in 2020.Citi Group analysts predict that the risk of global economic recession may stimulate the flow of funds into the gold ETF, and the price of gold may work in mid -2023. This year's average price will exceed $ 1,900/ounce.

    According to the First Finance and Economics, on January 9, Golden stocks generally closed up. As of the closing, Zijin Mining rose more than 9%, and Chifeng Gold and Intime Gold closed up more than 5%and 6%respectively.Gold prices have continued to rise since 2023, and the market generally expects that gold prices have the opportunity to break through $ 2,000/ounce again.

    Last week, COMEX Gold Futures rose 2.2%, which once touched nearly $ 1875.2/ounce, refreshing the price of nearly seven months.Up to now, $ 1881/ounce.

    Second, the gold has risen to buy gold again?

    We see that the current international gold price continues to rise, which makes people feel very surprised. Why can this gold price continue to rise? Where is the reason for this and how can we analyze the current gold market?

    First of all, we have repeatedly said that the Chinese have an old saying called the Shengshi Tibetan antiques, buying gold in troubled times.In terms of economics, in fact, the logic of this is that the price of gold often shows a certain reverse relationship with the trend of the world economy. The better the development of the world economy, the more the targets of each investment.However, if the development of the world economy has more uncertainty, the less the investment of the investment will have more investment funds to enter the gold market. The risk aversion attributes of gold are strong, so that the entire market will feel that in economic development,When buying gold is the best means to avoid risks, so for the current entire market, the price of gold is new, in fact, in a sense, it is one of the market economy showing a certain downward trend.The inevitable result.

    Secondly, if we carefully analyze the overall market demand and market trend of the current market, we can find that for the current entire international market.At present, the world's capital markets are in a state of severe turbulence. The Fed's expectations of slowing interest rate hikes and the rise of global economic recession have led to more uncertainty in the entire market.In the process of continuous superposition, gold as the most effective hedging metal naturally became the focus of market attention.And as long as this uncertainty still increases, the price of the overall market of gold may be further increased.From the current market, the rise in gold prices is a manifestation of market uncertainty. In a sense, the characteristics of this reverse indicator are too obvious, which is also the core reason for the continuous rise in gold prices.

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