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    Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Qiu Yingqiong) The特快资讯 reporter learned from the Municipal Housing and Construction Commission and the Municipal Major Office that in 2023, major projects in the city completed 225.74 billion yuan, and the planned planned was 105%at the beginning of the year, an increase of 7.5%year -on -year.Among them, 31 projects started construction (16 items were completed), and 33 projects were basically completed (7 items were completed).

    In terms of road rails, the construction of the comprehensive transportation hub of Shanghai East Station is in full swing. The city's railway airport liaison line has opened the entire main structure of the entire line.

    In terms of science and technology industry, a number of industrial projects such as Huayi Synthetic Qi Project started construction, and it was basically completed during the year.

    In terms of social and livelihood, a number of hospital projects were basically built in the first half of 2023, including the outpatient building of Yueyang Hospital, Pudong Branch of Longhua Hospital, Ophthalm clinical diagnosis and treatment center of the First People's Hospital, and Orthopedic Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Center of the Sixth People's Hospital.

    In terms of ecological environment, a number of water supply protection projects such as water supply protection projects such as the original water supply protection project of the Northern District of Shanghai Botanical Garden, the original water west ring line project, the original water pipe engineering of the Yingbin Water Plant, and the rebuilding project of Zhabei Water PlantRural revitalization projects such as garbage resources in the suburbs are accelerated.

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