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[转帖] The "Yi Jianlian Jersey Relief Ceremony" came, and the traffic card guide → (attached to the ticket lottery)

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    This 热点新闻month

    The Chinese basketball industry will usher in a event

    That is the retirement ceremony of Yi Jianlian's "No. 9" jersey

    I believe everyone can't wait

    Want to go to Dongguan

    Witness this historical moment together

    Are you ready for everyone's strategy?

    Awan "shot"!

    Watch the ball Raiders 游 Dongguan Play ✅ Dongguan Food

    Even the 29th CBA ball ticket that is difficult to find

    Ready too, remember to see the end!


    Come to Wan Raiders

    Come to Dongguan Traffic Guide

    If from other places to Dongguan

    Whether from the airport or the high -speed rail to the urban area

    It is more convenient


    Guangzhou Baiyun Airport: For the time being, the airport bus is the most convenient.

    Shenzhen Baoan Airport: You can take the airport bus to the terminal building in Dongguan City; you can also take the Suishen City Railway to Humen high -speed rail station and transfer to Dongguan Metro to the city.

    *Dongguan Nancheng Check Building can connect to Dongguan Metro Clam Station

    High -speed railway

    *If you take the high -speed rail, try to choose Humen Station and Dongguan Station. Both stations can be transferred to the subway to the urban area, which is very convenient.

    *The nearest urban rail station at the Dongguan Basketball Center is Liaobu Station, but due to the operating time limit of the urban rail, it may not be able to catch up with the departure after the game.

    士 Dongguan accommodation tips 住

    For fans from other places, after the game and ceremony that night, the time was late. Living in Dongguan that night was a better choice.

    Therefore, hotels near the station can be preferred, such as Dongguan Sports Center, Hongfu Road Metro Station, and Xiangshi Zoo, and then choose the hotel according to their own budget.

    02 Raiders to watch the ball

    As the place of this retirement ceremony, everyone is already familiar with the name of Dongguan Basketball Center, but how can foreign fans arrive at the scene quickly?How to choose a traffic in Wan?What area does the hotel choose?These tips must be remembered:

    Dongguan Basketball Center (Photography: Chen Canrong)

    Game venue traffic guide

    Self -driving

    On the game, the basketball center will open the audience parking lot P2, P3, P4, P5, and audience vehicles can enter the venue from the venue No. 2, No. 3, 4, and No. 5.

    If the parking area of the venue is full, the audience and friends are requested to guide the parking according to the road. The parking area can be extended to Jinfu Road, Longsheng Road, and the front road.

    Positioning on the Internet: No. 6 of Dongguan Bank Basketball Center.

    Over -the -counter positioning: Dongguan Bank Basketball Center No. 6.


    There are 3 free connection lines during the game:

    1️⃣ Line 1: Dongguan Sports Center -Dongguan Basketball Center

    Section time: 17: 20-18: 20 Dynamic class, the interval is about 10 minutes

    Drive point: Dongguan Sports Center No. 1 and 2 Gate Center Flower bed office

    2️⃣ Line 2: Hongfu Road Metro Station (Gate No. 2 of International Trade Center) -Dongguan Basketball Center

    Section time: 17: 20-18: 20 Dynamic class, the interval is about 10 minutes

    Train point: "International Trade Center" bus platform of Dongguan Avenue Auxiliary Road (next to Gate No. 2 of the International Trade Center, next to the bridge 2 of the central urban area slowly)

    3️⃣ Line three: Xiangshi Zoo parking lot ferry line

    Section time: 17: 35-19: 35 Dynamic class, the interval is about 5-8 minutes

    Link: (1) Xiangshi Zoo Bus Station; (2) Xiangshi Film and Television City; (3) Liaobu City Rail Station

    After -match connection line

    Three connection lines will return the original road after the game, all getting on the door 6 of Basketball Center.

    Public transit

    1️⃣ You can take the public bus 209, 328, 329 and get off at Changkeng Station (City Basketball Center), walk 400 meters to the Stadium No. 1 (located on Jinfu Road), and enter the venue gate 1 with tickets.

    2️⃣ You can take the public bus 335 and 361 to get off at the Municipal Basketball Center Station and enter the venue 6 with tickets.

    The above lines are currently covering towns (parks) in the central urban area of Dongguan, Liaobu, Songshan Lake, etc., and the last bus time of the bus is 21:30. Please ask friends to do a good job of leaving the field in advance.

    03 Dongguan Play

    Come to Dongguan in advance

    Or plan to stay in Dongguan after watching the ball

    Fan friends who play for a few days

    Awan recommends the following place in Dongguan for everyone

    Photography: Zhai Jiaxin/Image Wan


    Fans popular punch card points collection

    1️⃣ Guangdong Hongyuan Basketball Club

    The residence of Guangdong Hongyuan Basketball Club is near the Hongyuan Hotel, where the team's collections and distribution sites returned from other places.

    *It is not recommended that you go to squat players to take a photo, which is easy to cause trouble to players, and most of the time can not be squatted.

    Picture source: Eleven/Xiaohongshu

    2️⃣ Signature Basketball Sculpture

    This is a signature basketball sculpture that many fans who come to watch the ball in Dongguan. In front of the North Gate of Zhongsheng Business Building, senior fans can come to recognize the player signature below.

    3️⃣ Basketball Laura sculpture

    The giant basketball Laura sculpture in front of Hyde Square is also a place where many fans love to check in. If you want to buy it, you can also buy it at the mall next to it.

    4️⃣ Niceid Public Welfare Basketball Stadium

    You can feel the strong basketball atmosphere in the center of Dongguan. The public welfare basketball court of Dongguan street sports brand Niceid is here, and street basketball masters often appear about the battle. You must not miss the basketball.

    5️⃣ Basketball theme teahouse

    This teahouse located on Sanyuan Road, Nancheng is based on the theme of "basketball" and "tide play". Through the dreamlike linkage of tea, basketball and tide, both senior fans and basketball Xiaobai can feel the surging enthusiasm brought by basketball here.Essence

    Photography: Zhai Jiaxin/Image Wan


    Dongguan popular places

    Photography: Rexchu/Image Wan

    In addition to the punching point of the above basketball elements, if you want to feel the fashion trend of Dongguan, you can go to Hongfu Road Business District.Within a short number of square kilometers, it has gathered commercial complexes such as Hydehui City, Minying International Trade City, Citizen Service Center Food Plaza, Jiahong Moma, and Wanxiang Yinxiang.

    Photography: Zhai Jiaxin

    Jiahong Moma

    Minying · Guomao

    Photography: Rexchu/Image Wan; Starry Sky STARZ, Zhang Jinghui/Figure Worm

    In Dongguan City, you can also go to the Caisuzhou Cultural and Creative Park. The salary fire camp founded by Yi Jianlian has a basketball training base here, or go to the surrounding Coco Museum to enjoy the Qing Dynasty LingnanThe unique charm of the garden.

    Photography: Fan Tanglong/Image Wan

    If you want to play near the venue, you can choose to go to Songshan Lake or Liaobu. Even if ordinary tourists cannot enter the small tourists in Songshan Lake, many people still attract many people to play around.

    The European -style exotic building complex is like coming out of the oil painting world. The colorful castle meets everyone's longing for fairy tales. There is also a surrounding Songshan Lake Ecological Scenic Spot to build more than 30 kilometers of parental lake shoreline.Essence

    Photography: Ye Ruihe, Yang Xuan/Image Wan

    Photography: Ye Ruihe/Image Wan

    There are also many places in Liaobu. You can experience the charm of nature in Xiangshi Park. Friends who are interested in Wanxiang can go to the China Agarwood Culture Museum.Architectural style Yixiang Street, Liaobu Xixi Ancient Village ...

    not enough?Then accept this "entering and playing super full strategy"

    Photography: No talent/Xiaohongshu; Zhong Hongliang

    04 Dongguan Food

    When it comes to the food in Dongguan, many people will think of the excellent combination of roasted goose and Setan. Of course, there are many delicious hot powder, salty and crispy oil, sweet bamboo sugar water.All kinds of delicious hidden in the streets and alleys, the food is not all listed, and the listing list is received:

    Photography on the left: Xiao Mo/Image Wan

    Fairy list:

    (Click the text to view more content)

    Original title: "The Retirement Ceremony of Yi Jianlian Jersey" is here, traffic check -in guidelines → (attached ticket draw) "

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