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[转帖] How should I understand the view of "there is a country with a country"?

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    I have always disagreed with this Express information websiteview, because I think the country is composed of countless families, and the home disappears and the country naturally does not exist.Just like a person running from China to other countries, he is still alone, but everyone runs away from China, so this country does not exist.
    But my parents have always firmly maintained this view.
    My mother believes that a person can succeed depends on the conditions brought by the environment he is, and our family can get a good life because they step on the end of the unit to send a house and be born in Shanghai, China.Therefore, everything in our family depends on the country.
    I don't agree because we are not leading the minimum guarantee, and our money is made by ourselves.The country is not raising us for no reason, and this country is far from being so beautiful in my mother's understanding, and many people are distressed for their livelihoods.If there are no individuals and no home, what does the country still have?Do you care about this country when you are about to die?
    But she told me that if we ran to the United States, our race would make us unable to develop.We can get at least an equal opportunity in China.
    I don't agree.First of all, we have been to the United States many times. The Americans are not interesting to France, but I don’t think how many prejudices they have for us. A country will always bring resources to the people who can bring more benefits, or the people of their own country.EssenceMoreover, the opportunity was caught by people.Your painting with good -looking drawing paper does not mean that your work is good -looking.
    My father believes that there is no country except the Antarctic North Pole, and everything else is filled with the country.You can only from one country to another, unless you run to the Antarctic North Pole, then your life cannot be guaranteed.If you refuse to contact the country, you can only wander, be drove around, and you cannot flow between regions.I actually didn't understand what he meant. I think he said it has nothing to do with this view, but I still record it, I hope someone can help me answer.
    I think we have a problem with our understanding of the country.He believes that the country is land, and I think the country is a regime.However, the examples of his life and travel point point to the point of view of "the country is the regime". After all, your passport visa and money are not long in the ground.
    So how should I understand this view?
    I personally think that this is not very consistent with the mainstream.At least from my classmates, everyone cares more about individuals than the class. This should be the impact of liberal intrusation under unavoidable economic development, and at the same time, it is too bad because of political writing.I think this impact is very good, at least it makes us live like an individual.

    But my mother always said that when we discussed such topics, I said that I was brainwashed by Western thoughts and made me think independently ... I know that Europe and the United States prefer to respect freedom and self, but I don't understand why it is wrong.If it is wrong, why can the American dream attract so many people?

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