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[转帖] Get rid of the gas lamp control and find the real self

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    Original title: Get rid of the control of the gas lantern and retrieve the true self

    In our lives,hot topic website we always encounter some questions that confuse us.For example, our parents always count our dresses, work, friends, and interactions. We can't help but think: Are their opinions really right?This book will lead us to explore this issue together to help us find the true ourselves.

    The author of this book Dr. Robbin Stan is a famous doctor with more than 30 years of psychological counseling experience. His "Talking on Multi -Talk" will reveal the truth about the control of the gas lamp.Gas lamp control is a psychological manipulation method. By negating, distorted or rewritten the views of others, the other party has self -doubt, thereby controlling the opponent's behavior.

    There are three stages of gas lamp control: First of all, the controller will make you feel wrong by denying your feelings and behaviors; secondly, they will try to make you feel that your thoughts and opinions are not important; in the end, they will let you let you let you makeYou think it is your own fault, which leads to all this.

    In the face of gas lantern control, we can take five methods to deal with: first, learn to refuse and clearly express our views and feelings; second, keep calm, do not let the other party's speech affect our emotions;Friends share their ideas and feelings; the fourth is to understand their own values and strengthen their beliefs; the fifth is to seek help. If you feel that you are unable to deal with, you can seek help from a professional psychological counselor.

    So, how can we judge which relationships are worth saving?A key criterion is to see if these relationships make you feel happy and happy.If you always feel pain and unhappy in a relationship, then this relationship may not be worthy of continuing.On the contrary, if a relationship can make you feel care and support, then you should work hard to save this relationship.

    In short, the book "Multi -Talk" will help us recognize the existence of gas lamp control and teach us how to deal with this control.Let us work hard together, find our true ourselves, and live a better life.

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