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[转帖] Is it close to a banana with bananas?IntersectionZun Dudu O.O

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    Original Jiangsu Communist Youth League Jiangsu Communist Youth League

    Do you know that the genome of people and chimpanzees is more than 98%of the similarity?

    certainly!Chimpanzees have a common ancestor with us humans, and the relationship is closely related.

    Have you heard that the genetic similarity of people and bananas is more than half, or that bananas may have a common ancestor with us?

    banana?IntersectionIs this banana I am eating ...

    According to Professor Zeng Fanyi, director of the Institute of Medical Genetics of Shanghai Jiaotong University, although the genome of different species is very different, through comparison of homologous genes, we find that the genome of people and mice is more than 90%;The genome is about 80%similar; and a banana has 60%similarity as humans in some homologous genes.

    Well, although the group thinks that they and the banana brother have nothing to do with the appearance and use, the results of scientific research have been placed in front of them.There is a bold inference. Is it possible for our distant relatives to be a banana?

    In fact

    Our body also contains many little -known "cold knowledge"

    So the theme of this article is

    #The human cold knowledge you may not know#

    Look down with the group ↓↓↓


    Banana is human "distant relatives"?

    At first glance, humans and bananas are very different, but the two have 60%of gene similarity.Why is the gene being so similar, but the appearance looks very different?

    The researchers compare all banana genes with human genes one by one, and then calculate the similarity between the two.It was found that 60%of the genes could find matching objects in the banana genome.The researchers compared the protein amino acid corresponding to the 60%gene, and found that about 40%were exactly the same.

    It turns out that humans have 3.2 billion pairs of DNA bases that store important biological information. Although we and chimpanzees have only about 1%of gene differences, the differences in alkali -based information will be as high as more than 30 million pairs.The reason why animals are worse are from the huge base of information contained in DNA.

    In fact, everything in the world may be "relatives".Not only bananas, we may have 1%similarity with other fruits.Because all the lives on the planet have evolved from a cell in 1.6 billion years ago, in a sense, all creatures have "relatives."


    How much capacity is equivalent to a human brain?

    Don't say that your brain is not enough!In fact, human brain capacity is greatly underestimated.In March 2014, a Nature article stated that scientists analyzed the brain of the mice that a little white mouse had 13 neurons structures, and only analyzed 13 neurons, and used 1TB of data.An adult's brain consists of 14 billion cells, weighing 1400 grams, about 100 billion neurons.

    The group helped everyone to calculate, about 7.7 billion TB, which is equivalent to 960 million 8TB hard disks.

    Speaking of which, there may be a group who will ask: "Ah? Then why does this knowledge not enter the brain?"

    Why is it difficult for us to store information permanently like a computer?This is because the 100 billion neurons of the human brain are not all used for storage functions. It also has complex functions such as collation, analysis, and cleaning.Studies have found that about 70%of their memory will be quickly forgotten within a few hours.The brain will only leave the memory that you think is important, and to form long -term memory by repeated memories and exercises.

    (My brain: What? Delete! What? Delete!)


    Eyes: Standing is not easy, please turn off the lights and rest!

    Will you get fat when you turn on the light?Child, confident point, yes!When we are resting, our eyes have been protecting us!When you go to sleep, your eyes will be alertly aware of the surrounding lights, which will reduce the melatonin level that should have been released, thereby reducing sleep quality and hindering sleep effects.With the decline of melatonin, leptin, stomach hunger, and pancreatic hyperglycemia will also change, causing increased appetite, and then risk of fatigue.

    Know now, turn off the lights to sleep!Turn off the lights to sleep!Turn off the lights to sleep!(Emphasized things three times)

    Picture source Shenzhen Health Commission


    Smile is more powerful than frowning

    Our face is composed of more than 40 muscles. It only takes 17 muscles with a smile, and 42 frowning requires 42. The frowning almost touched all the muscles on the face.In contrast, smiles look relaxed and positive.Let yourself be a habit of smiling!Life is short, and the smile on our faces is our greatest praise for life.


    Stomach acid is strong enough to dissolve iron

    Everyone knows how gastric acid helps us digest food, but do you know that gastric acid is even strong enough to dissolve metal?As we all know, the smaller the pH value, the greater the acidity.Under normal circumstances, the pH value of the healthy stomach reaches 1.0-2.0, which is almost the same level as the battery acid that can dissolve steel. This is almost no microorganisms in this high-acid environment.Of course, no one can truly swallow the metal into the stomach without being harmed. Scientists only confirm this through experiments that simulate the stomach.


    Strange: How do I know where I hurt?

    After entering the human body, starting from the stomach, first pass through the winding small intestine, and then line up into the liver -this is a watershed in a decision to relieve the whereabouts of the pain relief."Lucky" will start looking for the source of pain.

    Next, the pain relief ingredients will run around on the highway of human blood vessels and ask at home: Who hurts?Finally, they found the goal -prostin.This is a group of "bad guys", who likes to form a group in a painful place to sprinkle salt on the wound.After finding the "bitter master", the pain relief ingredients will be exhausted by the prostaglandin.This process usually takes 2 hours to gradually relieve the patient's pain.


    57%of the human body consists of bacteria

    What?There are more bacteria in the human body than cells?According to research, Broadcasting Corporation has pointed out that more than half of the human body is composed of "micro colonists", not human cells.James Garrat believes: "Human cells account for only 43 % of the total number of human cells." Sorts Mazmannian, an expert in microbiology research, said: "They live in our intestines, our mouths, our skin, and women's reproductive tract. "In addition, because most microorganisms were found in the intestine, and some people proposed that 57 % of bacteria were said to be intestinal bacteria.


    The blood that supports the human body is actually only about 5 liters

    Do you know how much blood does it need to support the human body?Only 5 liters!Each of the heart that is similar to the size of the fist, which means that there will be 70 ml of blood, with a series of nutrients to accurately transport each organ in the body.In the beating and conveying again and again, the blood flowing out of the heart returned to the heart again, and finally completed the mission -like operation.


    Most cells in the human body are constantly being replaced

    Studies have found that the human body uses a set of new cells to replace itself every 7 to 10 years, and the most important part of our body is even faster.

    The reference information of the scientific consultation desk of the New York Public Library pointed out: "There are 50 to 75 trillion cells in the human body, and each type of cells have their own life. When human death, it may take several hours or 1 day to 1 day.Only can all cells in the body die. "

    Perhaps when we read this sentence, we have fallen unknowingly that have fallen thousands of cells.Of course, don't think too much, after all, these cells are "self -old".Those new cells are also telling us: We are all new ourselves at all times.

    There are things to say

    Hundreds of trillions of cells live in a person's body, and each cell is trying to maintain the life and health of the entire body. They live for you in their lives.This is already the miracle of this world.

    "How far people can go depends on how you treat your body." Money can be made again, and work can be found again, but health cannot be reunited.Eat carefully, sleep well, and slowly correct bad emotions.Starting with a good cherishment of your own body, harvesting a full range of growth.

    Actually your body

    Far more than you think of love you

    It is also stronger than you think

    It needs to be seen, understood, caring

    Divide time to books and sports

    Give 100 % love to dear yourself

    When we really start learning to love ourselves

    We will also meet a better world

    Recommended reading

    (Click the picture to read the full text)

    Source: WeChat public account "Jiangsu Communist Youth League" comprehensively organizes the WeChat public account "CCTV News", "Science Popular China", "Shenzhen Health and Health Commission", "Xunnong Institute of Technology", "Hubei Provincial Science and Technology Museum", "Xi'an Science Popularization",@, ,UA Batch最新新闻,最新新闻 CCTV program "Open", netizens commented, please indicate the source.

    Graphic materials: Qi Weilan (Hohai University), Xu Jiao (Nanjing University of Technology), Wang Yanli (Jiangsu Second Normal University), Wang Siyu (Hohai University), Huang Ziyan (Nanjing Media College)

    Capture: Li Mengzan (Nanjing Normal University)

    Integration: Wu Fanxin (Nanjing Forestry University)

    Original title: "I and banana are close relatives?IntersectionZun Dudu O.O "

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