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[转帖] Public brands in the "Misaki Sanchuan" area of Liulin County E -Town Public Brand Public Brands Reporting Articles

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    People's Daily Online,头条新闻 Taiyuan, December 25 (Reporter Lei Hao) Today, the public brand launch conference and investment promotion promotion meeting of the "Misaki Sanchuan" regional public brand in the village e town of Liulin County were held in Taiyuan.

    Liulin County is located in the central and western parts of Shanxi Province.In 2022, the total value of the county was 41.7 billion yuan, and the general public budget revenue was 5.3 billion yuan, and the total number of the city was first in the city and the second in the province.Liulin is the hometown of Chinese red dates. There are currently 280,000 acres of red dates and 25 red dates processing companies above designated size.Liulin walnuts, bowls, sesame cakes, small grain and other characteristic agricultural products are famous inside and outside the province.The Liulin County Party Committee and the County Government attach great importance to the construction of agricultural product brands. With the party building as the lead, it has created an e -commerce interactive platform and identified the public brand of agricultural product regional "Sumi Sanchuan".

    The public brand launch conference and investment promotion promotion conference of the "Misaki Sanchuan" regional area of Liulin County E -Town in Liulin County are the newly -built rural e -town public service centers and logistics sorting and distribution centers in Liulin County.Industrial development, give full play to the characteristics of county characteristics, support agricultural special industries such as Liulin buckwheat and bowls, gap gate, Liulang red dates, Liuyu liquor and other agricultural special industries to become bigger and stronger.Brand leading, leading leading, scientific and technological support, high -quality and high -end industrial strong county.

    In recent years, Liulin County has focused on "the benchmark for high -quality development in the province, striving to create a top 100 county economy in the country, and take the lead in achieving modernization.", Accelerate the construction of a cultural tourism industry brand, accelerate the construction of the logistics industry network, and strive to build a "hard core" system for high -quality transformation and development.Strong.

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