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[转帖] Nanjing Lishui Enterprise employees purchase new house subsidies 1%

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      Ma Sichun and Luo Jin starred in "Detective Heroes" today,火速资讯 have you watched it?# #


      After two years, the much -watched actor Ma Sichun finally returned to the screen with the new work "Scout Heroes".For this powerful actor who was once known as "the sky is not afraid of being afraid of everyone, she doesn't love her", the audience's expectations for her have long been full.


      In the past two years, Ma Sichun was not idle.She strives to improve her acting skills, continuously challenges herself, and strives to surprise the audience in new works.Because of this, when she announced her return, people had speculated how the powerful actor would start again.


      In addition to his own efforts, Ma Sichun also received the support and care of his family.In an interview, she frankly thanked her aunt Jiang Wenli for their protection. It was this care from her loved ones that made her more firmly embark on the road of performing arts.


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