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[转帖] Education Information | West African countries pay attention to the development of education digital technology

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    Original Title: Education Information | West Africa State Follow Education Digital Technology Development


    Recently,hot topic website representatives and educational technical entrepreneurs from the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) held a meeting in Cotidova to discuss and provide feedback on the evaluation report of the education technology ecosystem in the region.The report was proposed at a seminar held by the ASSOCATION FOUNDATION and the ASSOCIATION for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA).It also provides information on deepening the application of digital technology in teaching and the recovery power of construction education systems in various countries.

    According to the preliminary survey results, the West African Economic and Monetary Alliance region has a population of nearly 159 million, of which the student's population is 47.3 million.The literacy rate and Internet penetration rate are 48%and nearly 33%, respectively.Digital innovation and educational technology are the key to improving literacy and ensuring the results of educational results at all levels.The new crown epidemic further highlights the recovery ability of building the African learning system and ensuring the necessity of learning continuity.During the epidemic, countries such as Senegal and Kotida in the region rely on technology to maintain the continuity of learning to some extent.

    However, in addition to the education field, it is also necessary to promote the development of the digital economy and technical ecosystems in the region through central, accelerators, innovators and technical entrepreneurs.Among the 68 have been determined educational technology companies, 15 have been closed, and 53 are still in the active period of varying degrees.This does show that the industry needs further support and assistance in order to thrive and expand the scale.Although the educational budget in the region has reached about $ 5.6 billion, a large part of them are used for daily expenses of the government, and there are few funds for promoting educational technology.In this case, entrepreneurs' efforts to innovate have more opportunities to improve the results of educational results.

    The executive secretary of the African Education Development Association Albert NSENGIYUMVA emphasized the value of technology, data, and information in improving education opportunities, education quality, and educational affordability at the meeting.He said: "Technology can provide more education opportunities, promote learning, help teachers to teach, and help educational institutions match with the employment market. This is why we meet with various interests here.Popularize and enable our school and students to adapt as much as possible. "

    The meeting also heard the suggestions of the stakeholders and strengthened the conversation of all parties to improve the education technology ecosystem in the region.In addition, in view of the fact that participants are seeking opportunities to adjust and expand their service scope, the seminar has also become a bridge for government representatives and technology entrepreneurs.

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    African Education Development Association, 2023-12-07


    Lin Wanting, the Institute of International and Comparison Education, Shanghai Normal University

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