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[转帖] Early discovery and diagnosis are important!Early detection and monitoring technology of African swine fever

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    In the era of non -plague,热点新闻 detection and monitoring non -plague is the core work of pig farms.With the increasing number of cases of atypical African swine fever, the difficulty of distinguishing diseases through clinical symptoms.This requires a high degree of vigilance at the time of the pig farm without fluke.And use monitoring methods to investigate the suspicious pigs.After excluding African swine feverIt can be diagnosed with other diseases, and the basis of the long -term monitoring of the disease is used as the basis for adjusting and medication.






    The significance of the early diagnosis of African swine fever




    After the African swine fever is infected with pigs, the early detoxification doses are low. Due to its strict contact and spread characteristics, the propagation is slow. If the diagnosis can be confirmed in time, the range of infection is small, and the success rate of "tooth extraction" is high.Early tooth extraction, be sure to do a good job of biological safety protection, personnel, routes, vehicles, and protective measures to prevent people from expanding the pollution surface.As the infection is proceeding, the detoxification doses, detoxification time and detoxification method of the sick pigs are different, especially in the later stage, when the symptoms of vomiting blood in the sick pigs have increased significantly, the pressure of the dispersion doses and the spread of diffusion significantly increased. ThereforeIt is more important.




    Clinical symptoms




    An anorexia and fever, don't wait until the pig's stool blood, report it when vomiting blood.The incubation period of African swine fever is short, and the course of disease is generally only4-18sky.




    There are different clinical manifestations at different stages; after infection2-3The first symptoms of anorexia and reducing ingredients in the sky, the virus is infected after infection3-5When the sky enters the blood circulation, the pig begins to fever, and the body temperature does not exceed40.5°.Therefore, in the context of African swine fever, pig farms need to focus on monitoring and reporting the status of anorexia and heating pigs.Report in time and sample for inspection.




    After the African swine fever was diagnosed in the pig farm, the pigs who eliminated anorexia to eliminate anorexia were only the most important means for pig farms to reduce losses.Because the dosage of the early anorexia was extremely low, it would not even form contact infections even between the same pigs.




    When African swine fever enters the blood of pigs, you can reach various organs with macrophages, and replicate a lot of them quickly.5-7The blood virus load of the queen can reach the peak value, and the virus load at its peak value is the virus load in the oral saliva1More than 10,000 times.With the emergence of virus lesions, pigs began to develop respiratory symptoms and digestive tract, and then symptoms of vomiting and blood stool may occur. At this time, the dosage of the dispersality is the highest. If the feces enter the sewage system, the diffusion division risk is also the largest.




    The body reaction and detoxification process after the African swine fever infection




    After infection48The hourly virus is replicated in the tonsils, anorexia, and a low -cost detox (low probability of other hosts infection) Sanity pathway: saliva or nasal cavity.10BleakHAD50Each ml.




    After infection3-5skyClinical symptoms occur, viruses enter blood and organs; start the coagulation mechanism, saliva, nasal, feces and urine start to poison.10BleakHAD50Each ml.




    After infection7skyThe body starts to produce antibodies, and the virus load in the blood reaches the peak, which can be reached109had50Each ml; poor coagulation, bleeding at the wound, saliva, nasal cavity, feces, and urine are poisoning, oral detox dose is less than104HAD50Each ml.




    Infect9The queen body begins to produce neutral antibodies; starting cellular immunity; pigs start blood in the stool.Blood stools have a large amount of detoxification, and the dosage of feces can be far beyond oral detoxification doses100Times.




    Infect14The neutralized antibody gradually reached its peak; multi -organs bleeding, most of the pigs died, a small number of pigs were resistant, saliva, nasal cavity, feces, urine vomiting blood, etc.100-10000Times.




    After infection36Tiansai pigs have a resistance to homologous viruses; the virus may lurk in the tonsils, and the detoxification gradually decreases. It may not be detected that the virus hemophilia is not detected, and the virus may not be dispersed horizontally.




    After infection3The body completely removes the virus in the body a month.No detoxification.

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