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[转帖] The number of outstanding researchers in the Chinese Academy of Science

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      Among the research institutions, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has 270 people, surpassing Harvard University, which has been ranked first before (237 in 2023).Tsinghua University (78 people) in China also entered the top ten.The front of Japan is the University of Tokyo (11), 114th.


      The Chinese Academy of Sciences is a scientific and technological institution directly under the jurisdiction of the Chinese government and has more than 100 research institutions under its undergraduate.There are about 60,000 researchers, of which about 30,000 are professors or associate professors.The number of teachers at the University of Tokyo is about 8,000, including about 2,000 professors or associate professors.With the support of the government, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has set up large radiation facilities in Shanghai and Beijing and other places. The research environment is also perfect.


      Lin Xingxiu, chairman of the chairman of the public welfare consortium, who is familiar with Chinese science and technology, said: "Considering the scale of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it is not surprising to consider the scale of the Chinese Academy of Sciences."Tsinghua University also shows an increase. In view of this, he believes that the result of this time reflects the improvement of China's overall scientific and technological strength.



      China has been taking measures to ensure research talents.In 1997, the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the "Hundred Talents Plan" inviting researchers who returned to China overseas.A larger plan was implemented in 2008.Such a policy has effect, and the amount of research changes in qualitative changes.


      Judging from the number of "high cited scholars" in different countries and regions, China is 1275, second only to the United States (2669) in the second place.The proportion of the total number of people in 2023 also reached 17.9 %, an increase of 7.9 % compared with 7.9 % 5 years ago (2018).


      Although China's momentum is getting stronger and stronger, there are also topics.In Clarivate's "CLARIVATE Citation Award" by Nobel Prize -level researchers, no Chinese researchers won in 2023.


      Lin Xingxiu pointed out: "China has less original research."Because the United States and China have political opposition in politics, the break in the field of scientific research is also worrying.He believes that China needs to train outstanding researchers to learn from Europe and the United States and cooperate with it.


  Japanese Economic News (Chinese version: Nikkei Chinese website) Kawaraki Satoshi


          Where is Current affairs information websitethe research institution gathered by outstanding researchers?The survey results of the British survey company Clarivate showed that the Chinese Academy of Sciences surpassed Harvard University in the United States and ranked first for the first time.Driven by China's economic development and investment in science and technology, China has also expanded to nearly 20 % in terms of shareholders and regions.


          Clarivate investigates the research results with high quality based on the number of references.Because the more outstanding results, the more the more researchers have attracted the attention of other researchers.Clarivate defines the top 1 % of the papers in the past 10 years as "high -being (HCR)", which has been announced since 2014.


          The 2023 version of the 2023 version released in mid -November selected 6,849 people from research institutions in 67 countries and regions around the world.For 20 areas such as chemistry and physics, it does not include the mathematical field that has been statistics to the previous year.


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