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[转帖] Tianjin Bank Director Dong Xiaodong: Small and medium -sized banks should follow the ESG concept to follow the differentiated road

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      Zhongxin Jingwei,Exclusive information website December 21 (Wei Wei intern Zhang Liu) "Under the promotion of the international trend, under the guidance of national policies, small and medium banks should follow the ESG concept."At the Twelfth Financial and Economics China V Forum, the China Companies Governance of the 50th Men Forum, Dong Xiaodong, Executive Director and Secretary of the Board of Directors, delivered the following keynote speeches:

      Dong Xiaodong Zhongxin Jingwei Photo, Executive Director of Tianjin Bank and Secretary of the Board of Directors

    ESG's important position in the global financial field is becoming more and more prominent

      In recent years, the pressure of sustainable development has continued to increase globally, and the funding gap has been significant.According to the latest report of IPCC (special committee of the United Nations Intergovernmental Climate Change), the global warming has reached approximately 1.1 degrees Celsius. In order to achieve the goal of the Paris Agreement, the global overall funding demand has reached 9.8 trillion US dollars, and the average funds between 2020-2030Investment should be increased by 3-6 times on the basis of existing.The gap required for climate transformation has brought huge challenges to the financial industry and also contains broad opportunities.

      Judging from the attitude of government and regulators, international standards have been accelerated in recent years, and policy promotion has increased significantly.International organizations such as TCFD (climate -related financial information disclosure work group), ISSB (International Sustainable Standard Council), as well as regional securities regulatory departments such as the United States, the European Union, and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.The standard standards have put forward new challenges to Chinese companies' participation in global operations.

      From a market perspective, ESG investment has become an important strategy of the capital market.According to the statistics of some authoritative agencies, 79%of the large -scale investors with a scale of more than US $ 200 billion have adopted ESG investment strategy; as of the end of the first quarter of 2023, the number and scale of the global ESG fund increased by 1.9 times and 2.6 times compared with 2011.Among them, the scale of ESG funds in emerging market accounts for only 2%.Therefore, how to make investment in the ESG sector in the globally, especially developing countries and emerging markets, will become an important topic for financial institutions to win future development initiative.

    Small and medium banks should follow the path of ESG differentiation development

      Faced with the opportunities and challenges brought by ESG for financial institutions, more and more banks are also working hard to the ESG field. How should small and medium banks deal with?

      Small and medium -sized banks should follow the concept of ESG and should follow the path of differentiated development. Specifically, we can start from four aspects: First, we must avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses to achieve differentiated complementance with large banks.Small and medium -sized banks should continue to adhere to their customer positioning of small and micro enterprises and urban and rural residents.For example, you can find the fit point of green finance and small and micro finance to develop innovative products such as green supply chain finance; give full play to the flexible advantages of financial market products, increase the underwriting and investment of green bonds, blue bonds, and transformation bonds;Green deposits, green wealth management, personal carbon accounts and other retail ESG financial products, discover green retail blue oceans.

      The second is to closely combine ESG with regional development according to local conditions.Most of the small and medium -sized banks are regional banks, and their operations have a high degree of dependence and correlation with their area.For example, some small and medium -sized banks can develop blue finance to support the marine economy in conjunction with regional industrial characteristics and geographical advantages; based on the protection of biodiversity, the pollution treatment, ecological protection, and ecological restoration are the key areas of support.

      The third is to try first to promote the exploration of ESG's cutting -edge field.Small and medium -sized banks should play the advantages of decision -making efficiency, actively target advanced concepts and standards at home and abroad, and take multiple measures to carry out the ESG cutting -edge field exploration.For example, at the level of disclosure, actively study international leading standards, actively carry out information disclosure practice, and promote the Sinicization process of international standards; at the product level, explore the formulation of financial standards, and standardize the ESG financial boundary; at the level of risk management, explore the establishment of climate risk management managementMechanism and quantitative analysis models to improve climate risk control capabilities.

      The fourth is to strengthen the interconnection of small and medium -sized banks.Small and medium -sized banks are facing similar problems and challenges in the ESG field, and there are also broad prospects and opportunities for cooperation.Small and medium -sized banks can promote the continuous improvement of the ESG financial policy system by setting up ESG Alliance for SMB, regularly organizing ESG Development Forum, organizing ESG related topics, and strengthening ESG financial product innovation collaboration.

      At the meeting, Dong Xiaodong also introduced the road of ESG's ESG exploration and the preliminary achievements of the Bank of Tianjin.She said that in recent years, Bank of Tianjin has continuously improved the institutional system and the establishment of an ESG work organization structure, achieving the institutionalization and standardization of ESG management. It is the first domestic commercial bank that announced support for TCFD.In addition, Tianjin Bank specializes in the ESG management sector in strategic planning to promote the coordinated development of its own and stakeholders; carry out the annual ESG work target decomposition and performance assessment to ensure the implementation of the strategic implementation.

      Dong Xiaodong introduced that as of the end of November, Tianjin Bank's green credit balance was 21.812 billion yuan, an increase of 35.49%over the beginning of the year. It has successively launched the first carbon loan and first carbon emission reduction loan of the Tianjin Legal Bank.100 million yuan, using wealth management funds to invest in ESG bonds 486 million yuan, in the third quarter of 2023 in the third quarter of the China Dealer Association, ranked second in the City Commercial Bank in the list of green debt financing instruments;Risk response capacity improvement research project has been selected as the list of technical assistance project planning projects in Asia Development Bank in 2023.

      This forum is directed by the China Listed Companies Association and the China News Agency.Co -sponsored.

      (For more reports, please contact Wei Wei, the author of this article:vivi1257@163.com) (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

    (The views in the article are for reference only, do not constitute investment suggestions, are risky in investment, and need to be cautious when entering the market.)

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