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[转帖] "Disappearing" heritage ...

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    Recently,热点新闻 the Executive Bureau of the Western Youth Court

    Perseverance together inherit dispute cases

    After Mr. Shang's death

    Leave a house and a heritage of nearly 500,000 yuan

    The court judged Mr. Shang

    Wife Ms. Wang and daughter Xiaoshang

    Inherit with the judgment

    But I didn’t wait until the money of the money

    Apply for compulsory execution

    When the executive judge summons the executed person Ms. Wang

    Ms. Wang said

    The house is gone


    what on earth is it?

    Next, please follow the editor

    Let's take a look at the case shared today

    Heritage inheritance dispute

    The court's judgment is fairly allocated

    Mr. Shang and Ms. Wang are a remarriage couple

    There are no children after marriage

    Xiaoshang, the only child in the family

    It is the daughter born from Mr. Shang and his ex -wife

    Ms. Wang and Xiaoshang form a step -mother relationship

    In 2022, Mr. Shang died of illness

    Ms. Wang has never reached an agreement on how the heritage left by Mr. Shang.As a result, Xiaoshang went to the West Qing Court to prosecute, demanding that he inherit his father's legacy according to law.

    The West Youth Court considers it after hearing in accordance with the law

    Mr. Shang, who was inherited, did not make a will during his lifetime, etc.

    Heritage sanction protocol or file

    It should be processed in accordance with the legal inheritance

    Ms. Wang and Xiaoshang

    The spouse and children of Mr. Shang, the heir, are the heirs in the first order, and the share of the inheritance should generally be equal.

    The 50%share of small property houses purchased by Mr. Wang and Ms. Wang belonged to Mr. Shang's legacy, and Ms. Wang and Xiaotong both had a 25%share.

    The court's final judgment

    Xiaoshang inherits a 25%share of the house

    Several other property

    Pension and funeral subsidies

    The average distribution of Xiaoshang and Ms. Wang

    Decision refused to execute

    Property investigation has nothing to obtain

    After the judgment is effective

    Ms. Wang does not cooperate with handling

    Housing property right registration registration

    I did not pay the rest of the property from Xiaoshang

    Therefore, Xiaoshang applied to the Xiqing Court for compulsory execution

    After taking over the case, the judge of the Executive Bureau took over the case

    Immediately began to conduct a property survey of Ms. Wang, and the result was nothing, and the bank account did not have any executable property.

    Judge summoned the executed person Ms.

    I learned one

    Even more shocking news:

    The house has been sold


    According to Ms. Wang's own statement

    It borrows debts during the sickness of Mr. Shang

    Only in order to repay the debt, the house involved in the case is sold

    The sale money has been used to settle debts

    Now there is no ability to fulfill the effective judgment


    When the judge asked

    Records of debt exchanges and house trading

    Ms. Wang's hand and standing with both hands

    Say: "No."

    How the judge persuades is indifferent

    Ms. Wang refused to cooperate

    Chasing the roots to trace the source to find clues

    Performing the interpretation

    Although Ms. Wang refused to provide any proof

    But the transaction will definitely leave traces

    Executive judges have visited the main body involving housing transactions

    Through the village committee, property, and house intermediary

    And the multi -party investigation and evidence of house buyers

    The judge restored the truth:

    About the debt mentioned by Ms. Wang

    Cash exchanges, including debit and receipt, are all destroyed by Ms. Wang. This statement has no evidence to prove it, and it is determined or confirmed without procedures such as judicial.

    The so -called "disappear" house

    Originally registered under Ms. Wang's name. During the case litigation, Ms. Wang sold the house to the outsider for the case for the case, and collected 950,000 yuan in the case in the form of cash transactions.Under the name of outsider.After the case out of the case pays the relevant fee, it has actually possessed the house for several months.

    The case finally turns around

    Executive judge carefully studied the situation of the case

    House trading adopts a large amount of cash transactions

    Obviously not in line with trading habits

    Ms. Wang, the executed person, exists

    Transfer property, avoid the malice of execution

    The judge finally judged

    The person who was executed hidden in the house price, had the ability to perform his ability but refused to fulfill the obligation to determine the effective legal documents, and decided to take judicial detention measures.

    On the day of implementing judicial detention measures

    Judge Ms. Wang Ms. Wang

    Shimizing the legal consequences of refusing to fulfill the obligation of enforcement

    Under the patience of the judge

    Ms. Wang immediately expressed his willingness to perform


    Both parties negotiate and settle

    Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang, pays one -time payment

    400,000 yuan for the application executive Xiao Shang

    At this point, the case is ended

    The case is executed

    People do not believe.The executed person should respect the law, honesty and trustworthiness, and do not escape the execution in the way of hiding, transferring, intentional damage to property.Throughout the quagmire that may be caught in criminal responsibility.Actively reporting property and actively fulfilling their obligations is the right way to repair credit and return to normal life.


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