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[转帖] The fastest is 73 minutes!Chengzhiyi High -speed Rail opened an operating broadcast article today

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    People's Daily Online,Current affairs hot websites Chengdu, December 26 (Reporter Liu Haitian) Today, from Chengdu to Zigong to Yibin high -speed rail (hereinafter referred to as "Cheng Ziyi high -speed rail") was opened to traffic.At 10:08 am, the G8738 starting train "took off on the ground" from Yibin Station and arrived directly at the Chengdu East Station at about 11:19.

    In 765 AD, the poet Du Fu arrived in Yibin from Chengdu to Yibin from Chengdu, and wrote a famous sentence of "Chongbi Chunchun wine, light red lychee".At that time, it was not easy to drink local spring wine and eat far litchi.Now, the G8737 high -speed rail train only takes 1 hour and 13 minutes to reach Yibin from Chengdu east. It is not too much to describe it with "flying on the ground".The boat and car in history are working, and now the instant is now. If Du Fu knows such a big change, he may have to write a poem and sigh.

    High -speed rail Yibin Station.Picture of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd.

    From the Yiyi High -speed Railway, from Chengdu East Station, passing Chengdu Jinjiang District, Tianfu New District, Eastern New District, Jianyang City, Yanjiang District, Ziyang City, Zizhong County, Neijiang City, and Weiyuan County, Zigong City, along the beach district, Fushun, FushunCounty, Nanxi District, Yibin City, Sanjiang New District, and Xuzhou District, connected to Yibin Station.The line is 261 kilometers long and the design speed is 350 kilometers per hour.There are 12 stations of Chengdu East, Tianfu, Sancha Lake, Tianfu Airport, Ziyang West, Ziyang West, Weiyuan, Zigong, along Beach, Nanxi North, Yibin East, Yibin, of which Chengdu East Station and Zigong Station are bothThere is a station, Tianfu Station is under construction.

    The maximum speed of the interval reaches 350 kilometers per hour.Video screenshot

    The reporter learned that the highest speed of the high -speed rail was operated at the highest speed at the highest speed.In the early days of operation, the railway department drove up to 16 rows daily.Among them, the fastest between Chengdu to Zigong and Yibin Station can reach 51 and 73 minutes, respectively.After the train operation map of the train in the first quarter of 2024, the railway department will arrange 4 columns of the "Chengdu East-Zigong-Yibin-Leshan-Chengdu East" ring-lapsee train daily, and connect the urban agglomeration of the southern Sichuan region.

    In order to improve the quality of operation and meet the different travel needs of passengers, the railway department implements a flexible discount and differentiated market -oriented fare mechanism between the projects and provides more options for passenger travel. The specific fare can be found through the railway 12306 system inquiry.Essence

    Railway crossing the river bridge.Picture of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd.

    According to the staff, the Chengzi high -speed rail crosses the mountains such as Longquan Mountain, spanning multiple rivers such as the Yangtze River, and the construction is difficult.Since the construction of the project in January 2019, the National Railway Group has organized various participating units to high -quality and efficient promotion project construction, set up 231 bridges such as Yibin Lingang Yangtze River Gong Railway Bridge.It ensures that the project is opened as scheduled.

    Before the project was opened, the National Railway Group carefully organized relevant units to strictly strictly regulations and standards.Comprehensive optimization and adjustment of control and communication signal systems.At present, this line has met the safety and stable operation requirements of high -speed railways, and has the conditions for opening operations.

    The self -propelled high -speed rail "out of the warehouse".Photo Conferring in Chengdu Railway Bureau Group Corporation

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