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[转帖] 2024 is highly expected to be commercial project tour: Jiyuan Baolong Plaza

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    project name: Jiyuan Plaza

    Operating team: Baolong Business

    Commercial operation area(Deduct parking lot,惊爆资讯 office building, hotel, etc.): 90,000 square meters

    Plan opening time: December 20, 2024

    Project Introduction:

    Jiyuan Baolong Plaza is the fourth commercial complex layout of Baolong Group in Henan Province. The total construction volume of 200,000 square meters is covered with shopping mall, theme block, high -end office buildings, and high -end houses. Among them, the commercial volume is 90,000 square meters.Jiyuan's first urban-level art-trend-life, with the theme of leading urban trendy, family life, young social experience, concentrated leisure and entertainment, to create a new landmark of luxury life in the city.It is also a new pattern of Jiyuan's business.

    Project architecture: The overall architectural design integrates the regional landscape culture, and won the "American MUSE" design gold award in 2023.Commercial space: The first "5000 flat roof garden+20000 flat real ice rink+3D naked eye LED" in northwestern Henan.

    Combination of business formats: Well -known brands at home and abroad gathered, bringing customers a one -stop happy living consumer experience; urban brand well -sprayed upgrade, exceeding 70%of brands first entered Jiyuan.

    Commercial management team:

    Baolong Commercial has provided commercial operation services to developers, tenants and owners of retail commercial properties since 2007. It is one of the few Chinese commercial operating services providers that have a specialized and capable of managing diversified retail commercial property portfolios.On December 30, 2019, Baolong Business Management Holding Co., Ltd. was successfully listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The stock code HK.9909 became the first commercial management company in the Hong Kong stock market.

    Baolong Business provides professional business operations for owners, merchants, and consumers through its four brands of "Baolong City", "Baolong City", "Baolong Square" and "Baolong Tiandi" through its "Baolong City", "Baolong Square" and "Baolong Tiandi".In July 2020, Baolong successfully acquired 60%of Zhejiang Xinghui Commercial Management Co., Ltd., further focusing and consolidating the leading position of the Yangtze River Delta region, and is also a milestone for brand management output.As of June 30, 2023, the company and its companies have obtained more than 140 management commercial projects, of which more than 90 projects have opened; the cumulative signing of commercial management area exceeds 15.2 million square meters.Baolong Commercial also provides property management services to residential properties, office buildings and service apartments. The cumulative area of residential property management has been signed by nearly 30 million square meters.

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