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[转帖] The German basketball canal can be adjusted according to different ground, and it will not cause damage to the ground.

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    TheHot discussion information website summer vacation has begun, and the beasts return to the family. Many parents want to exercise their bodies and enhance their own quality while this holiday. At present, there are few limited basketball courts. Many businesses are preparing to build a German basketball court tent. Why why?Merchants like tents, let's take a look below.

    First of all, the German basketball court canopy is fixed.There are three types of fixed methods commonly used in the German basketball court tunnels: expansion bolt, net basket load, and steel grid. It can be adjusted according to different grounds. It does not cause irreplaceable destruction to the ground.A large number of buffer pads are used in the Huaying Tort to avoid the children's tripping or injury.

    Secondly, the German basketball court canopy is built quickly and can be repeatedly disassembled and disassembled.This solves the urgent need of merchants, and at the same time reused the merchant to reduce cost investment. Even if the second recovery is performed, the recovery value of the aluminum alloy skeleton is also very high.

    In the end, the German basketball court can be rented and sold.For such temporary customers, the canopy can choose to buy or lease according to the needs and their own conditions.In any way, from the production, transportation, construction, and the demolition, the manufacturer serves one -stop service to make customers worry about it.

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