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[转帖] Latest progress: It will be completed and opened to traffic early next year!

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    Road base, road surface, bridge, etc.


    "Quasi -free Liuyun charging" system

    Enter the debug stage



    Construction of Xinghua section of Jianxing Highway

    Entering the key stage of the decisive battle decisive victory

    Breaking into traffic in early 2024

    Where is this high speed?

    The Jianxing Expressway is an important part of the Fuxi Expressway. The route is connected from the Jiulongkou Hub of Yantuo Highway from the Jiulongkou Hub.Beilonggang, Yantu District, passed Xinghua Qianxing Town on the west side of the Dalonghu Lake, and ends in Xinghua South to Xinghua South along the west side of Xinghua City.Highway Xinghua to the Taizhou section.The total length of the route is 71.720 kilometers, of which 36.915 kilometers are 36.915 kilometers, and the design speed is 120 kilometers per hour.

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    The completion of the Jianxing High Speed project and opening up the new channels for the north and south of the central part of Jiangsu is of great significance to promote the coordinated development of the Soviet Union and the southern Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu.

    What is the progress of construction?

    Since the official construction of April 2021, the construction party has grasped the construction node, accelerated the progress of the project, and went all out to achieve the establishment of the opening target in early 2024 to build a demonstration project in the highway ecological quality of the Jiangsu Plain Water Network area.

    On December 1st, the pavement of the Xinghua section of the Jianxing Highway ended smoothly, and the total of 1035,187 square meters was paved on the upper layer of the asphalt.The decisive battle of the project was successfully built into the "acceleration key".

    Up to now, the Xinghua section of the Jianxing Highway has completed the road base bridge culvert project, and completed all the bottom, grassroots, asphalt lower layers, asphalt midfield, asphalt upper layer, and complete 98%of housing construction projects, 94%Jiaotong safety projects, 95 95%Of the three major systems (monitoring systems, charging systems, communication systems) projects.

    This year, the Xinghua section of Jianxing Highway completed an investment of 840 million yuan, accounting for 98.8%of the annual plan, and a total of 3.99 billion yuan in Jian'an fee, accounting for 99%of the actual total investment.

    What are the highlights of the project?

    The Xinghua section of the Jianxing Expressway highlights the first lead, strengthening leading leadership, and widely adopting new technologies, new processes, new equipment, and new materials--

    For the first time in the province, the mid -surface layer of asphalt was used in the full road section, which strengthened the rutual and durability of the road surface. The service life of the pavement reached 15 to 30 years;

    For the first time in the province, the province adopted a quasi -free flowing cloud charging system, which greatly improved the efficiency of traffic and effectively saved operating costs;

    For the first time in the province, water -based marking is adopted. The spraying construction is simple, the pavement is strong, the reflex coefficient is high, and the environmental protection is good;

    Carry out the research on key technologies of ecological highway pavement based on low -influence development (LID) concepts to minimize pollution emissions during highway operations;

    Carry out the research on the technical research of fast condensation dual -liquid solidification stirring piles to achieve fast condensation and early intensity of mixing piles, which can effectively shorten the construction cycle of mixing piles.

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    Original title: "Latest Progress: Earlier next year, it will be completed and opened to traffic!"

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