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[转帖] Get a driver's license and drive for 120 hours, even if you "drive"?

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    The following is a text version

    First of all: Generally driving for more than 1 year, and driving for more than 120 hours, it is a qualified driver.

    It's a bit like playing games. The level of level depends on how much time you play. Don't you all have a statistical page?Driving is also very similar.


    How long is it to drive to drive

    Why is it 120 hours?This conclusion is not casual.

    In the driver's license test in Victoria, Australia, there is a rule that we can refer to: at leastPracticing on the road for 1 year, driving time is not less than 120 hoursOnly to take the road test.

    The 120 -hour practice time in 1 year is actually more, calculateDrive a 20 -minute car every day on averageEssence

    Like some places in the United States and Canada,It only takes 30 to 60 hoursEssenceHoweverThe practice time of 30 to 60 hours will not reduce the accident rateEssence

    Survey data from the Swedish National Road Transportation Research Institute showed:You can significantly reduce the accident rate in 118 hoursCompared to41 hoursPractice time,The accident rate was reduced by 35%Essence

    so,For most friends, the accumulation of driving for more than 120 hours, the mistakes that novices will make will basically occur, and various scraping small accidents will also be significantly reduced.Essence

    It can be regarded as a qualified driver.

    It will be driven by the car every day for 20 minutes, so how long is the driving?

    Skilled driver, almost3 to 4 yearsEssence

    This conclusion is also based on some different regulations for reference.At high speeds at the internship period, drivers who need to be more than 3 years old must be accompanied by driversEssence

    Provisions and use of motor vehicle driving licenses.

    In the addition of driving terms, there are also requirements for driving age: hold a small passenger car driver's license, that is, C photos, to hold A1 large passenger car driver's license,It takes 4 yearsEssence

    This means, open4 yearsThe car, the car can be understood, right?Only to get a chance to apply for a big car.

    There is also a information that said in the "Interim Measures for the Management of Online Appointment Taxi Business Service Management" launched by the Ministry of Transport in 2019::Driver engaged in online car delivery services, shouldHave more than 3 years of driving experienceEssence

    Interim Measures for the Management of Taxi Business Services for Online Reservation. Ministry of Transport.

    So it is probably 3 or 4 years. We are really skilled in driving."Old driver"Essence


    The longer the driving age, the less accident rate, the lower the accident rate

    The driving age is long, and the car is getting better and better, butIt has nothing to do with what we can drive as you wantEssence

    In the survey data, it was found:Old drivers who have drove for more than 10 years, drivers who have been 2 years than driving, are sometimes more likely to have an accident.Essence

    Deng Yiping and others of the Institute of Traffic Management Sciences of the Ministry of Public Security issued the argument in the journal "Traffic Information and Safety", "Analysis of the Characteristics of Different Drivers of Drivers", which contains a set of data.

    Deng Yiping, Chang Yu, Gao Yan. Analysis of the characteristics of traffic accident characteristics of different driving drivers [J]. Traffic information and security, 2014.

    Drivers with more than 11 years of driving age, the accident rate is higher than the age of 2 to 10 years.Essence

    why is that?that isBecause the driver is too confident, it is prone to negligenceEssence

    Just when cooking, the soy sauce is the same as the vinegar. When I first started cooking, I also looked at the bottle carefully. The salt took the spoon and fell down and fell down, right?Now I close my eyes, and the "1" spoon will go down. If it is not good, it may be wrong today, and there is a problem.

    so:Even the old driver must abide by the traffic regulations and pay attention to safety.There are tens of millions of roads, the first one is safeThis has nothing to do with the old driver.


    How to quickly improve the level of driving

    Some friends may have just passed the driver's license. It feels a bit long in 3 or 4 years. Is there any way to help us instantly improve the driving level?

    However, the reality is not a game. There is no way to "open", and there is no way to "recharge the gold".However, these two methods can really help us.

    That is the first one,Watch the car accident video onlineEssence

    In fact, it is the old saying:learn from mistakesEssenceIt's just something in a car accident video, we areSee where the operation of others is not right, accumulate and enrich your experienceEssence

    Feng Sihe, Northeast Forestry University, has a master's dissertation, and "Analysis of the Trivial Leadance of Motor Vehicle Driver's Incadence and Safety Education Methods", which is mentioned in it.

    Feng Sihe. Analysis and safety education method of motor vehicle driver accident tendencies [d]. Northeast Forestry University, 2021.

    Watching the first perspective car accident video can improve risk prediction capabilities, andEvery time the risk predictive ability is increased, the accident rate is reduced by 22%Essence

    They also did an experiment: let6Volunteers watch the accident video and conduct safety education. As a resultThe driving habits of 6 people have improved significantly, and the number of dangerous operations is relatively reduced.Essence

    For novice friends, brush more videos of car accidents and understand the type of accidents. In fact, I know more potential risksEssence

    picture"Ghost probe", The front car suddenly changes the road and brakes. In fact, you know the video you have seen. You don't have to have experience you have to have two accidents. You will have experience.Watching the video is very effectiveEssence

    Of course, try to choose as possibleVideo of the first person's perspectiveLook, don't just look at the surveillance camera at the intersection, watch 2"Touch the car"It is also useful to hit there, but the effect is not as good as the first person.

    Talking here, some friends said, "No one can eat the video of the car accident. Some pictures are very scary. Is there a slightly relaxed way?"

    Of course there are, that isPlay more racing gamesEssence

    There is a report from the Cyprus Post:Racing games, especially racing games that open the world, can improve our visual level, response speed, hand -eye coordination ability and sense of spaceEssence

    When I checked the information, I found that some studies have shown thatPlay some other games, it is also helpful for drivingEssence

    Li Li of the Shanghai Branch of the University of New York, and Chen Rongrong, University of Hong Kong, published a paper on the journal "Psychological Science", "Playing Game Games Can improve the ability of hand -eye coordination".

    Li l, chen r, chen j.playing action video Games IMPROVES Visuomotor Control [J] .Psychology science, 2016. 2016.

    There were a few experiments in it, and the results were quite interesting:People who often play action games and FPS shooting games have more accurate vehicle control and faster responseEssence

    People who do not play games very much, after passing5 hoursAfter the game training,The response speed and coordination ability has also been greatly improved, and the driving level has also improved significantlyEssence

    In fact, it is very easy to understand,When driving in an emergency, the response is faster than others, and of course it is safer.Essence

    In all, it is important to say that the driver's license is taken out. It will not be normal at first. Everyone is so, don't worry too much.

    When you drive for about 120 hours, you can drive safely and seriouslyEssence


    Questions about driving

    I was originally a novice. I drove the car honestly on the road. The car next to me, "KUA", stuffed it in front of me. I was too nervous and accidentally stepped on the accelerator and hit it. How is the responsibility?

    Many old drivers also say to novice friends: "You have to learn to prepare brakes, and usually prepare in advance driving in advance." What is the skill of this brake?

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