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[转帖] Low -carbon innovation leads green future 2023 Influence International Climate Innovation Conference Haikou opening

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    Original title: Low -carbon innovation leads green future 2023 Influential International Climate Innovation Conference Haikou opening

    On December 21,real time news website the 2023 Initiative International Climate Innovation Conference opened in Haikou.The theme of the conference is "Leading the Green Future of Low Carbon Innovation", and invited more than 400 people from governments, international organizations, well -known universities, research institutions, enterprises, investment institutions, social organizations, and media representatives to gather in Haikou to discuss global low -carbon innovation innovationThe development trend has conspiracy to develop a new future in China's high -quality development.

    The conference set up 1 opening ceremony, 1 keynote forum, 2 general conferences, 10 sub -forums and multiple special activities.With the international dissemination of the carbon market, green refrigeration, forestry carbon exchange, blue carbon, and the wisdom of Chinese climate governance ".At the opening ceremony, Zhou Xueshuang, a member of the Party Group and Chief Engineer of the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, Liu Yanhua, Honorary Director of the National Climate Change Expert Committee, former deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, chairman of the conference, former Chief Expert of Climate Change of the Asian Development Bank, and former deputy director of the National Climate CenterXuedu, the director of the UN Industrial Development Organization Investment and Technology Promotion Office (Shanghai, China), Shanghai Jiaotong University-United Nations Green Growth Research Institute Joint Dean Zhao Xiaolei and others have delivered speeches and keynote speeches.

    Zhou Xue, a member of the Party Group and Chief Engineer of the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, said that Hainan is building a free trade port with worldly influence with world influence.Action, solidly promote the construction of the national ecological civilization pilot zone and clean energy island.As the intermediate node connecting the two most active large markets in China and Southeast Asia, Hainan will give full play to the advantages and policy advantages of the location, actively connect with international rules, and carry out international cooperation and exchanges in the fields of climate change, environmental protection and new pollutants.By creating an international climate innovation cooperation and exchange platform, strengthening industrial low -carbon technology and project cooperation, deepening cross -border climate investment and financing cooperation and high -level talent training, we have positively contributed to the global governance of climate change.The conference invited top experts in the field of climate change, the United Nations and other international organization representatives, corporate executives, academic and association representatives to discuss key issues of global carbon neutralized solutions in the context of environmental governance, and low -carbon transformation in the industry.Solution from innovative and cutting -edge clean energy, cutting -edge and cutting -edge solutions from all over the world, to promote the actions of climate targets to achieve climate goals, and provide policy recommendations and diversification for Hainan to respond to climate change and practice low -carbon green development.Technical solution.

    Liu Yanhua, Honorary Director of the National Climate Change Expert Committee, and former deputy minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology, said that different roles have different understanding of the problem of changes in Qi Hou, and international, national, local, industry, and enterprises all focus.However, no matter which role, dual carbon can not only stay on slogans and planning. It needs to be coordinated at the macro level. It is fully implemented according to different regional characteristics, industrial characteristics, and steps.To achieve the target of dual carbon should be made first, the goal is to aim at the future development direction. The key is to establish a leading person with strong green development and high -level system, especially for the formation of internal lift power to allow dual carbon to allow dual carbonThe efforts are returned in the market and the goals will be achieved in future development.Fan Shenggen, a professor of lecturer at China Agricultural University and Dean of the Global Food Economy and Policy Research Institute, shared the transformation path of low -carbon agriculture and agricultural food system.Fan Shenggen analyzed that global, the greenhouse gas emissions of the agricultural food system accounted for about one -third of the world's global, and agriculture has great emission reduction potential.For example, the construction of high -standard farmland projects can reduce the impact on the environment; the use of microbial fertilizers can reduce the use of farmers' use of chemical fertilizers, and farmers can produce healthier and nutritious foods; by changing the diet structure, high -carbon and high emissions can be achieved.Food transitions to low -carbon nutritional value to low -emissions.Fan Shenggen believes that emission reduction requires global agricultural contribution, and agriculture is also willing to play the potential of reducing reducing.

    The chairman of the conference, the chief expert of the climate change of the former Asian Development Bank, and Lu Xue, the former deputy director of the National Climate Center, said that Hainan actively responded to the many challenges brought by climate change, achieved gratifying results, and tried it through first trialHainan plan.At the same time, Hainan has full potential to become an important window and exchange platform for China to show the results of global climate governance and to develop diversified exchanges with the world.The conference will be committed to united global insight, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between international parties on accelerating the road to accelerate the realization of net zero emissions, and jointly promote the early achievement and sustainable development of global carbon neutrality and goals.The conference was guided by the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment. Hainan Influence Convention and Exhibition Investment Co., Ltd. co -sponsored a number of well -known institutions at home and abroad.The first international conference of climate issues focused on climate issues.

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